Long Ago Yesterday

by Hanif Kureishi

A navy blue Hay Festival Press book containing two short stories by Hanif Kureishi: 'The Dogs' and 'Long Ago Yesterday'.
Overnight it had been raining but to one side of the precipitous stone steps there was a rail to grip on to. With her free hand she took her son's wrist, dragging him back when he lost his footing. It was too perilous for her to pick him up, and at five years old he was too heavy to be carried far.
Branches heavy with sticky leaves trailed across the steps, sometimes blocking their way so they had to climb over or under them. The steps themselves twisted and turned and were worn and often broken. There were more of them than she'd expected. She had never been this way, but had been told it was the only path, and that the man would be waiting for her on the other side of the area.
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Long Ago Yesterday