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Gabriel Rosenstock

Kells 2013 , 

Údar/aistritheoir breis is 160 leabhar é Gabriel Rosenstock, dánta, haiku, úrscéalta, leabhair do dhaoine óga, drámaí, gearrscéalta, aistí agus eile ina measc.

Haiku master Gabriel Rosenstock will conduct a bilingual haiku workshop in Irish and English. Rosenstock's Irish translation of the haiku of Jack Kerouac, sioc maidine/morning frost, was recently launched at the Dublin Writers Festival. Internationally known as a poet and haikuist, Rosenstock's titles include Haiku Englightenment and Haiku, The Gentle Art of Disappearing (Cambridge Scholars Publishing). Come and learn how to write and enjoy haiku.

Irish language event