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John Gimlette, Geoff Dyer, Tobias Jones

The Travel Session

Hay Festival 2003, 
Gimlette's At The Tomb of the Inflatable Pig explores the Jesuits, Nazis and Dictators of Paraguay - the worlds largest importer of Scotch Whisky, and site of the bloodiest war mankind has ever known. JOnes examines The Dark Heart of Italy in the country riven by civil wars and corruption, ruled by the Catholic Church, the Cosa Nostra and Berlusconi, home of the Renaissance and la dolce vita. In Yoga for People who Can't Be Bothered to Do It Dyer travels from Detriot to Phnom Penh, from Lybia to Rome, and finds himself floundering in a sea of grievances in a wonky quest for peak experiences and transcendental calm.