Event 463

Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to Modern Living

The Tata Tent

In this show Bill Bailey explores, with his trademark wit and enthusiasm, those areas of life that can’t be planned, or charted; the gaps between expectation and reality. Whether it’s black holes, politics, or the blandness of modern music, anger and humour explode in comedy fusion.

And it’s personal too, how our lives are ruled by details, and endless voting opportunities, comment leaving, ratings…a thousand distractions. He leads the audience through tales of his own experience, of one word that changed the course of his life…He revives the protest song in response to upheaval in Europe, he recounts the hilarious tale of a disastrous family trip to see the Northern Lights.

Music, language, political discourse, stories from the Equator to the Arctic Circle…this is Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to Modern Living.

The comedian has the last word at the 2014 Festival. Well, probably the last word and some music. Thank you for coming.

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