Lorrie Moore and Joshua Ferris

Fictions – American Time

Hay Festival 2014, Saturday 31 May 2014, 5.30pm - The Oxfam Moot

Lorrie Moore and Joshua Ferris

In her new collection Bark the great short story writer Lorrie Moore explores the passage of time, and summons up its inevitable sorrows and comic pitfalls. Gimlet-eyed social observation, the public and private absurdities of American life, dramatic irony, and enduring half-cracked love wend their way through each of these narratives. Moore’s characteristic style is always tender, never sentimental and often heartbreakingly funny. Ferris’s dazzling new novel To Rise Again at a Decent Hour is about the meaning of life, the certainty of death, and the importance of good oral hygiene. They talk to Ted Hodgkinson.

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