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José Carlos Martínez, Enrique Loewe Lynch and Julieta Martialay

​The art of dance and other cultural luxuries

Segovia 2014, 

José Carlos Martínez, recognized as one of the world’s best dancers and currently serving as choreographer and artistic director of Spain’s National Dance Company, and Enrique Loewe Lynch, Honorary President of the Loewe Foundation, lecturer and active patron of the arts, will be talking to Julieta Martialay, who writes for the lifestyle section of Elle magazine, about art, culture and dance on the 35th anniversary of the National Dance Company. Introduced by luxury expert Susana Campuzano.

Simultaneous translation from French into Spanish

Co-organised with Elle magazine, the Loewe Foundation and the Programa Superior de Dirección y Gestión Estratégica del Universo del Lujo de IE Business School in collaboration with the French Embassy and the Institut Français in Spain