About us

Hay Festival is a cultural event accessible for everyone that celebrates the art and science throughout inclusive events with international artists. Literature, visual arts, cinema, music, geopolitics, journalism, the environment... all go together with dialogue and celebration. After fifteen years in Mexico, during which we have become one of the most important literary events in the Hispanic world, Hay Festival Querétaro 2024 is our ninth edition.

Our programme includes speeches, workshops, concerts and lectures with international experts in the fields of literature, visual arts, science, environment, cinema, music, human rights, journalism etcetera. The festival generates a space for the best cultural and scientific productions, a privilege space for dialogue, critical thinking and to exchange ideas. 

  • This event stands as one of the most important cultural encounters of the Hispanic world 
  • Promotion of both local and international literature, debate, cultural exchange, education and development 
  • Accessible and inclusive events with international artists
  • Social responsibility and education 
  • Partnerships with institutions, private and public enterprise, local and international companies, in order to maximize the impact of our model and to secure its accessibility for the local population

Hay Festival Querétaro 2024 Team

Hay Festival International Director, Cristina Fuentes La Roche; Hay Festival International Coordinator, Izara García Rodríguez; AM Coordination, Zoe Romero Miranda; Digital Content Coordination, Iñaki Lasa Etura; Image and Design Coordination, Verónica Gil Álvarez; Education Coordination, Sheila Hall Peña; Coordination Assistants, Berta Bragado Belío, Marcela Mastroianni, Almudena Larragoti Fischer

Logistics & Production: Yamile David and G&C team: Diana Sánchez Ortiz, Karol Alexandra Paredes Garduño, Estefanía Apolinar Marín, Gabriela Yunuem Ortega Vallejo, Karen Serrato Zenteno

Press & Communication: Cynthia Uribe, Jesús Astorga, Alondra Jiménez, Marco Tolama, Cynthia Remolina and Sergio Hernández

Development: Tai La Bella Damsky and Valeria Casenave

Social media: Junkie Media: Gisell González, Diana Gutiérrez, Ignacio Hipólito, Patrizio Palacios, Carlos Millet, Luis Pérez

Photography: Daniel Mordzinski and Mau Mallet

Video Production: Adolfo Gurrola

Audiovisual production: G&C

Design & Layout: Daniel Zúñiga

Hay Festivalito & Delegation linking: Adriana Grimaldo

Translators: TBC

Website: Paul Richardson

Hay Festival Foundation CEO: Julie Finch. Hay Festival Trustees: Caroline Michel (Chair), Dylan Jones, Rosie Boycott, Nick Gowing Jonathan Godfrey, Geraint Davies, Philippe Sands, Terry Burns, Mair Gwynant, Victoria Bejarano

Principal Sponsor

Poder Ejecutivo del Estado de Querétaro
Querétaro Juntos, Adelante
Querétaro y Entonces, encontré México
Querétaro La Ciudad que queremos
Querétaro Municipio

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