Hay Festivalito

The Hay Festivalito is the section of the Hay Festival Queretaro dedicated to children and young people, with totally free events, prior registration.

Hay Festivalito

2018's programme

Friday, 7 September

[HF1] 16:30 - 17:30 h. Jardín Guerrero

Tamar Cohen in conversation with Imanol Martínez

Tamar Cohen writes for younger readers, and in 2015 published El año terrible, a young adult novel that deals with the topic of depression among teenagers and which won her the Gran Angular Prize. Since then she has written books for children and young people, including Me quiero independizar, inspired by her son Benja and his desire to leave home aged 12. She talked to the Queretano dramatist and fiction writer Imanol Martínez.  

Ages 12 and over

[HF2] 19:00 - 20:00 h. Jardín Guerrero

Alfredo Núñez Lanz on Veneno de abeja, with Paulina del Collado

Alfredo Núñez Lanz takes children to a world where they are not the smallest people. Witch ants, friendly dragonflies and spell-casting bees populate this story and are the characters who will guide the protagonist on his great journey. The author uses literature for children as a metaphor to fight prejudice, aiming to teach children values and to motivate them to love books. He shared the stage with Paulina del Collado, an author who also writes for children.

Ages 7 and over

Saturday 8 September

[HF3] 10:30 - 11:30 h. Jardín Guerrero

Eoin Colfer on the Artemis Fowl saga, in conversation with Karen Coeman

Eoin Colfer, the famous illustrator and author of the Artemis Fowl series, told us about the magical underground world discovered by the young criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl: a world full of gold and technology and fairies with attitude. In the science fiction adventures, Artemis enters this world in order to take the treasure for himself.

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish

Ages 9 and over

With the support of Irish Literature

[HF4] 10:30 - 11:30 h. Museo Regional (Biblioteca)

Leo con ONCE. Rocio Bonilla with Miguel de la Cruz

Leo con ONCE for children is an excellent opportunity for book-loving parents and children to meet their favourite authors in person. A Fine Art graduate and author of illustrated album books, Rocio Bonilla has illustrated around 40 titles, and written the text for six of them, including ¿De qué color es un beso?, ¡Hermanos! and Max y los superhéroes. Her work has won her several awards and has been translated in over 15 countries. In conversation with Miguel de la Cruz.

With the support of Acción Cultural Española

For children aged 4 and over

[HF5] 13:00 - 14:00 h. Jardín Guerrero

Benito Taibo in conversation with Juan Carlos Franco

The Mexican writer Benito Taibo, the favourite teen writer in México, presented Mundo sin dioses 1: camino a Sognum, his most recent book, in conversation with Juan Carlos Franco. In a world withour gods, only a few are prepared to leave everything behind to reach a place where they do not know what could be find. Three teenagers in a search to regain the destiny that was taken away form them.

Ages 12 and over

[HF6] 16:30 - 17:30 h. Jardín Guerrero

Olga de Dios

The Spanish author and illustrator communicates with children through books that deal with different ways of loving, gender equality and responsible consumption. The work of Olga de Dios has been used in children’s education in various places around the world in order to disseminate a message of creativity and tolerance. She brought workshops to this Hay Festivalito that promoted the ideals transmitted in her works, with drawing sessions for children and reading out loud from her book Monstruo Rosa.

With the support of Wom@rts

[HF7] 19:00 - 20:00 h. Jardín Guerrero

El instante amarillo. Bernardo Fernández (Bef) in conversation with Julieta Díaz

Bernardo Fernández, Bef, is the author of El instante amarillo, which presents María. This 13-year-old is great at drawing, but not so good at maths. Also, she doesn’t fit in with the popular girls and the party crowd. She doesn’t enjoy school and has problems at home, too, because of all the rows between her parents. Her role in the world doesn’t seem clear to her. But then she meets another María, “the mother of the monster”. This is a María who comes from the 19th century and who changed forever the way we understand the horror stories we read. The protagonist identifies with her namesake and will even become reconciled with her own monster, opening up new paths for her. At this event Bef talked about María and her role in El instante amarillo.

Ages 12 and over

Sunday, 9 September

[HF8] 11:00 - 12:00 h. Jardín Guerrero

The history of the comic, as told through the characters of Marvel. With Andrew Donkin and Giovanni Rigano

A writer and an illustrator looked at the history of comics, through the fascinating characters from Marvel’s publications; an event that is a must for all superhero fans. With Andrew Donkin (UK), author of over 60 books and graphic novels for children and adults, translated into over 30 languages; and Giovanni Rigano (Italy), the illustrator of several graphic novels, including The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and the graphic novel versions of the Artemis Fowl series.

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish available

With the support of the British Council

[HF9] 11:00 - 14:00 h. Laboratorio de Educación y Mediación Intercultural, Facultad de Filosofía de la Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

Children and superheroes, we all speak languages. Workshop with Alberto García, Luz María Lepe and Jorge Tapia

The goal of this workshop was to make young people aware of their country’s linguistic diversity. It involved sharing stories, tales and texts. It exposed children, in a playful way, to words and stories in the Otomí and Zapoteca languages, changing words to create oral or pictorial stories based on superheroes who speak indigenous languages. The aim of this linguistic exchange was to raise awareness and interest among the children to learn more about Mexican languages.                                       

Ages 7 to 12

Free entry, up to capacity

[HF10] 13:00 - 14:00 h. Cineteca

Presentation of the project Somos valientes, with Lydia Cacho and Marcela Zendejas

Somos valientes is a multimedia, educational project started in 2006 by Lydia Cacho, around a model of education for peace. During two years, Lydia Cacho travelled through Mexico with a team of documentalists and human right experts, interviewing children about what it means to be brave, what are peace, love, work and hope.

Ages 10 and over

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