FAQs - Hay Festival Querétaro 2022

Hay Festival Querétaro is back for a new edition! And we will answer (almost) all your questions here

Hurray! The festival is back. But, which are the dates?

Hay Festival Querétaro 2022 will run from September 1 to 4All the events will be in-person, in cmpliance with biosanitary measures; and we will stream lots of them. All the events at the Cineteca and Teatro de la Ciudad will be live streamed, so anyone who can't join us at Querétaro will be able to watch the festival. And if you can't see the events live, don't worry, as they will be available until September 18.

By any chance, is there any event on August 31? I will be in Querétaro that day.

Lucky you! Pianist Jorge Viladoms will play Luz de Luna (Moonlight), a concert full of emotions.

Great! Will you suggest us some authors from the programme?

Come on... don't ask us to choose between mom or dad... biggest names and hidden gems will give talks full of knowledge and joy, and will be thrilling. We have more than 145 participants of 15 countries, who will take part on 94 activities for all the ages. Nobel Prize Laureates as Wole Soyinka (Literature) and Tawakkol Karman (Peace), writers such as Vivian Gornick and Rosa Montero; musicians as Jarvis Cocker; science with Antonio Martínez Ron and Carlos Briones... Do you want more? Go to our Highligths page.

Is there any chance you have a video so I can share it with all my friends?

Of course we have! Now it's time to share it wildly.

As you are talking about sharing. Which are Hay Festival's social media accounts?

Everything about Hay Festival Querétaro will go on our Spanish feeds of FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Oh! And don't miss our TikTok account, for a more informal coverage of the festival. And we do also have English speaking accounts: FacebookInstagram and Twitter. The official hashtag for this edition is #HayQuerétaro22.

I would like to buy some tickets. Where do I purchase them?

As easy as visiting our programme page. Then, you just need to choose your events, and follow a few easy steps to register at the Hay Festival site. Proceed with the payment, using a credit card, and you will receive your tickets..

How much is each ticket?

20MXN. And, as every year, we will have some free events, as Hay Joven -for university students-, Hay Festivalito -for the whole family-, and outreach events in Delegaciones.

Which payment methods are available?

For online purchases, the only valid payment method is credit card. We do accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. We will have a physical boxoffice from 29 August onwards, where you will be able to pay in cash or credit card.

If I buy the tickets online, will I receive them on my e-mail address?

There are two type of tickets: Print at Home and E-ticket. You will be able to print the first one and show the bar code to enter to events; e-tickets will be sent the day before the event starts, with a QR code.

I'm a University student / I'm + 65 years old. Do I have any discounts?

Students and +65 customers have up to 10 tickets each, for free. %20 of each venue capacity will be available for this purpose. You will need to write us at tickets@hayfestival.org to prove you are student or +65. You might be asked to show your ID when entering to the events. 

I would love to go to the in-person events, but to be honest, I am still quite concerned with the actual health situation.

We understand your concerns. The Hay Festival Querétaro 2022 team assures you that we will complay all the biosanitary measuresFor more information, click on these link.

Is there any kind of pass to see all the events? Or do I need to purchase single tickets for each event? 

We don't have passes for the whole festival, so yes, you will need to buy tickets for each event you are interested in.

Can I go to as many events as I want?

Sure! Enjoy as many events as you want and spread your knowledge! Just bear in mind that some events are at the same time...

And for online streaming, is there any limit on the number of events I can register for?

No! You can join to whichever events you wish. In fact, don't you know that we love all of you that register to plenty of events? And, isn't it joyful to be surprised by new authors that we did not know before?

Will Spanish events have simultaneous translations into English?

No. As this is a Festival celebrated on a Mexican city, it is specially aimed for an hispanic audience. Therefore, events in Spanish will not have translations, and events in English and French will have simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Can I ask questions to the authors?

Yes. The online events will have Q&A chats, and the Hay Festival team will monitor all the questions we receive in order to send them to the speakers. You will aslo be able to send an e-mail to contacto@hayfestival.org with your questions. And for in-person events, nothing better than the old-school way, just raise your hand at the Q&A.

Will there be book signings?

That is true. Authors will be signing books. And once again, we will complay all biosanitary meassures. Everyone's safety goes first.

What can I do if I have tech issues when watching live events?

We suggest that if you are experiencing technical issues viewing the activities, you try one of these solutions:

1. If audio or video have lags, please try with lower resolutions, you can click on the video, in the right lower side.

2. This might be because your Internet connection is not working as well as it should. If you are sharing your network with more people, try asking them not to use Internet and the same time.

3. Refresh your page.

Our streamings work with Vimeo Live. Here you will find some advices to solve any problem.

Can I watch the events anywhere or do I need to be in Mexico?

Yes, you can watch the events anywhere in the world. You only need to take into account that the Time Zone and hour shown on the website are the ones of Querétar , Mexico: CDT / GMT -5

Can I see the events later if I can't join live?

Yes you can, events will be available to rewatch until September 19. Once this period is over, you will be able to watch them on the Hay Player.

I'm a journalist. Where can I ask for my accreditation?

Just visit our Press site. You will find all the information for media there.

I do have more questions. Can I write you?

Please, send us an e-mail to contacto@hayfestival.org and we will get back to you soon.


And if your inquires are box-office related, you will find us at tickets@hayfestival.org


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