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Event 487

Andrew Gamble, David Runciman and Glen Rangwala

Cambridge Series 14 - Is Democracy Right for the World’s Current Problems?

Venue: Big Tent
Is democracy too short-termist to deal with the kind of issues facing the world, including the current crisis of capitalism and climate change?
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Event 488

Pentabus Theatre Company

The Hay Play

Venue: The Sound Castle
Hay Festival Playwright-in-Residence Nell Leyshon has spent the week roaming the festival, eavesdropping, inventing and imagining a rich, raucous tale set in a certain border town. Written, rehearsed and performed in a fortnight, Pentabus Theatre presents a specially commissioned piece of theatre for and about Hay.
*Hay residents may collect tickets before the festival from the Box Office.
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Event 489

Luke Johnson

Start it Up!

Venue: Sky Arts Studio
The chairman of Risk Capital Partners Ltd, who has run and owned many of the most successful companies in the UK, shares his thinking about Why Running Your Own Business is Easier Than You Think. Chaired by Kamal Ahmed, business editor of The Telegraph.
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Event 490

Simon Schama

Engineering the Holy Land

Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage
It was the Victorians who began the romance with the Holy Land that would lead to Britain becoming the mentor of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. And they did it with photographs and ordnance survey maps and dreams of the perfect waterworks for Jerusalem. The historian explains how.
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Event 491

Fiona Shaw

Artichoke Presents – Peace Camp 2012

Venue: Starlight Stage
The actor talks about her personal relationship with poetry and introduces the most romantic project in the Cultural Olympiad, which she has created with the director Deborah Warner. Peace Camp is a poignant exploration of love poetry and will take the form of a series of installations at extraordinary locations encircling the coast of the UK this summer.
Shaw invites you to bring along your favourite love poems and join her in a conversation about love poetry in all its many forms. Your nomination may even be included in the soundscape being specially created for Peace Camp.
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Event 492

Ravi Gurumurthy, Mark Lynas and Catherine Mitchell

The Future of Energy Series - Technological Breakthrough or Lifestyle Change?

Venue: Hay on Earth Stage
There has been much talk about the potential for new technologies to revolutionise our energy use and production. Is there a panacea or are we facing major lifestyle changes to cope with our energy consumption? DECC’s Strategy Director Ravi Gurumurthy will be joined by author and climate change advisor Mark Lynas and Exeter Universities Professor of Energy Policy Catherine Mitchell. Chaired by Andy Fryers.
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Event 493

Rum Diary - Screening

Venue: Bookshop Cinema
An amusing, from-the-heart tribute to Hunter S Thompson before he invented Gonzo journalism. Depp plays Thompson’s alter ego (as he did in Fear and Loathing): Paul Kemp, a failed 30-year-old novelist who washes up in the office of a two-bit tourist rag in Puerto Rico. The story of drunken good times with other reprobate hacks is stoked by a run-in with a corrupt property developer and his distractingly gorgeous girlfriend. Director Bruce Robinson makes the most of the exotic locations, sweaty bars, some witty lines and rum-soaked crazy scrapes to fashion an affectionate portrait of a writer finding his feet. US, 2011, 120'. Cert 15.
See also events 459 and 403.
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Event HF167

Chloe Inkpen

Pants On The Moon

Venue: The Summer House
Zoe and Beans are back in a brilliant new adventure which takes them further than they bargained for. Join their creator for some interactive storytelling game.
5-7 years
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Event HF168

Hugless Douglas

Venue: The Hexagon
Join Douglas, a big brown, lovable bear, on his search for the perfect bear hug.
Duration 40 mins.   3-5 years
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Event HF169

Joss Stirling

Stealing Phoenix

Venue: Scribblers’ Hut
From the rising talent behind Finding Sky comes a tale of thieves, paranormal powers and mortal danger. Perfect for fans of the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy.
12+ yrs
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Event 494

George Alagiah

Mixed Britannia

Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage
The previously untold history of Britain’s mixed-race community and the many love stories that created it. Chaired by Sarfraz Manzoor.
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Event 495

William Boyd talks to Peter Florence

Waiting for Sunrise

Venue: Barclays Pavilion
A story of passions and deceptions set between Freud’s Vienna and the intelligence services of wartime London from the author of Any Human Heart and Restless.
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Event 496

Fred Pearce

The Landgrabbers

Venue: Sky Arts Studio
A superb piece of investigative journalism that reveals the unprecedented land grab from the plains of Africa to the jungles and prairies of South America, as Wall Street speculators, Gulf oil sheiks, Chinese entrepreneurs and robber barons raid the last fertile corners of the world.
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Event 497

Bryony Dixon and Francine Stock with music by Neil Brand

The BFI Presents: Dickens Before Sound

Venue: Big Tent
A magical series of pre-1914 silent short films from Dickensian sources includes Scrooge, Nicholas Nickleby, Oliver Twist and DW Griffith’s The Cricket on the Hearth with live accompaniment.
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Event 498

Annie Freud talks to Geordie Greig

Forgotten Footprints

Venue: Digital Stage
The poet discusses her work and her father Lucian’s paintings with the journalist and author of the forthcoming Breakfast With Lucian.
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Event 499

Andrew Edgar

Cardiff Series 5 - Sport, Ethics and the Olympics

Venue: Hay on Earth Stage
What are the ethical issues that are posed by sporting competition in general and the Olympics in particular? Where does society place sport as a source of moral values and what are the problems that cheating and unsporting conduct pose to athletes, spectators, sponsors and funding bodies?
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Event HF172

Easy Peasy Cookery School

Venue: The Mess Tent
The fantastic team behind Local to Ludlow return to Hay with their mobile culinary school. Using locally sourced ingredients they teach children how to cook delicious snacks from scratch.
Duration 60 mins. 10-14 years
Each young person attending this workshop without an accompanying adult must fill in the Permission Form available for download here. Please send the form in advance to admin@hayfestival.org and bring a copy on the day.
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Event HF171

Jasmine Richards

Venue: The Hexagon
Get Writing with....Workshop
A brilliant chance to get writing with this professional editor and exciting author.
12+ years
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Event HF170

Sue Monroe

The Magnificent Moon Hare

Venue: Starlight Stage
Join the dazzling former CBBC presenter for an offbeat story starring a spoilt princess and a moon hare. Alice in Wonderland meets Roald Dahl, with a game of Top Trumps thrown in.
7+ years
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Event 500

Fiona Shaw, Tom Hollander, Simon Callow and friends

The Josephine Hart Poetry Hour

Venue: Big Tent
We celebrate the novelist, Festival Vice-President and poetry champion who died last year with this reading of her beloved TS Eliot.
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Event 501

Martin Amis talks to Gaby Wood

Lionel Asbo

Venue: Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage
The novelist launches his state-of-England satire about a very violent but not very successful young criminal who is going about his morning duties in a London prison when he learns that he has just won £139,999,999.50 on the National Lottery.
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Event 502

Marc du Bois talks to Clemency Burton-Hill

Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed

Venue: Sky Arts Studio
The Director of Médecins Sans Frontières analyses the political transactions and balances of power and interests that allow aid activities to move forward, but that are usually masked by the lofty rhetoric of humanitarian principles.
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Event 503

Fiona Carnarvon

Lady Almina and the real Downton Abbey

Venue: Digital Stage
The Countess of Carnarvon, chatelaine of Highclere Castle, tells the story of her ancestor who actually ran the house during the Great War. Chaired by Revel Guest.
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Event 504

Tariq Ramadan

The Arab Awakening - Islam and the New Middle East

Venue: Starlight Stage
The Director of the Centre for Islamic Legislation and Ethics asks: Can Muslim countries bring together Islam, pluralism and democracy without betraying their identity? Can this emancipation be envisioned with Islam, experienced not as a straitjacket, but as an ethical and cultural wealth? Chaired by Jim Naughtie.
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Event 505

Jan Blake with Kouame Sereba

The Girl and the Snake - Storytelling

Venue: The Moot
The story of a jealous brother and a wronged sister, of revenge and redemption, and sibling relationships in both the human and animal kingdom. And of one girl’s courageous battle to live the happy life promised to her despite a cruel betrayal.
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