Scribblers Cymraeg 2021

For pupils in transition years 6&7

Join us for a day of free Welsh language events and workshops with leading Welsh writers, poets and performers hosted by Aneirin Karadog.


Free Welsh language events for Years 6 and 7 available to watch online from Thursday 4 November recorded live at Aberystwyth University.

10.30am Gruffudd Owen
11.30am Rufus Mufasa
12.45pm Mererid Hopwood, Eurig Salisbury & Hywel Griffiths

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Scribblers Weather Poems Lesson Plan

The Programme 

Gruffudd Owen

10.30am Gruffudd Owen

In this workshop, Award winning poet Gruffudd Owen, Bardd Plant Cymru 2019-2021 will guide you through a series of exciting exercises in order to unlock your creativity! Gruff will show you how to create original images by bringing together words that don’t usually belong together. Gruff will fire your imaginations and teach you to utilise all the tools in your creative toolbox. By the end of this workshop you will have created a brand new vibrant poem to share with the world!


Rufus Mufasa

11.30am Rufus Mufasa

Rufus’ performance encompasses the creative dexterity of working with the Welsh language. From beat boxed poetry, to mind bending hip hop influenced by jazz, folk, blues and reggae, an approach to the Welsh language that connects us to Wales and the world! 

12.15pm Lunch 

12.45pm  University Workshops

Bangor University

Bangor University Workshop – 3 November

Osian is an award winning poet, he studied Welsh at Bangor University and is a word-wizard in the art of cynghanedd. He'll be working with pupils to create their own piece of cynghanedd magic in this workshop.
Aberystwyth University Logo

Aberystwyth University Workshop – 4 November

Weather Poems Workshop

Why is the snow raining?  And who are the old ladies and their sticks? Why is the sun yellow in a picture, but in a 'real' sky, white?

And what on earth is 'nigen'? And where does the thunder come from and her fire? And why is the moon always beautiful, and the rain sometimes heavy, sometimes not so heavy...?

This workshop will be an opportunity for us to re-scrutinise the weather by creating poems together.

2pm finish 

Please bring a packed lunch, a pencil and paper.

Aneirin Karadog

Aneirin Karadog – Host

Scribblers Cymraeg will be hosted by award-winning poet Aneirin Karadog who writes poetry and teaches in Cymraeg, he also speaks five other languages and has been known to rap in a previous life.

Scribblers Cymraeg Digital Events and Workshops

Free digital Welsh language workshops for transition pupils in Years 6 and 7, brought to you as part of the Hay Festival Scribblers Tour and freely available to watch again.

Join poets and authors Mererid Hopwood, Aneirin Karadog and Anni Llŷn for these free creative and interactive digital events focusing on location, landscape and identity to celebrate the Welsh language, hosted by Ameer Davies-Rana.

Events available with captions in Welsh and English.

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Ameer Davies-Rana

Ameer Davies-Rana – Host

Scribblers Cymraeg is hosted by media presenter Ameer Davies-Rana who is half Welsh and half Pakistani. Ameer first appeared on 'Hansh' three years ago on the big hit series SGRAMEER for S4C’s online/digital channel. Ameer can be seen touring all over Wales promoting the Welsh language as part of the #1million Welsh speakers campaign.

Anni Llŷn

Anni Llŷn

The poet and author Anni Llŷn will get you lost in the world of Welsh words. She will be asking if getting lost is a good or bad thing when you’re getting creative. She will also show how we can use poetry to help us when we feel a little bit lost. Get lost with Anni Llŷn! 

Anni is a familiar face on Welsh television as a presenter and actress. She was the Children's Bard of Wales for two years and often holds workshops in primary and secondary schools all over Wales. Anni’s workshop comes to you from Bangor University’s Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies and the landscape around Bangor.

Download PDF of Anni Llŷn's lesson plan

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Aneirin Karadog

Aneirin Karadog

The poet Aneirin Karadog takes us on a tour of the enigmatic town of Hay-on-Wye, while introducing elements of the unique poetic art form cynghanedd as we are shown around Hay. From the bookshops to the ancient castles, from the world famous festival to the amazing landscapes, there is a lot to discover about the town that is nestled right on the border between Wales and England.

Award-winning poet Aneirin Karadog was Bardd Plant Cymru 2013–2015 (Children’s Poet of Wales) and writes poetry mainly in Cymraeg. He speaks five languages and has been known to rap in a previous life.

Download PDF of Aneirin Karadog's lesson plan

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Mererid Hopwood

Mererid Hopwood

In this workshop, Mererid Hopwood takes us on a journey to Bae Ceredigion in search of lost things. We learn about the craft of listening and looking and of paying close attention to the sound of words to create pictures. Mererid visits Aberystwyth University’s Old College, the National Library of Wales and a petrified forest in Borth to bring you this exciting workshop.

Mererid is a professor of languages and in her spare time she loves writing. She has won the National Eisteddfod Chair, Crown and Prose Medal, the Welsh Book of the Year poetry prize for her collection of poems and the Tir na n-Og prize for a children’s novel.

Download PDF of Mererid Hopwood's lesson plan

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Thanks to Welsh Government for funding this project and to the National Library of Wales for allowing us to use the Black Book of Carmarthenshire.

Thanks also to Bangor University for allowing us to film in the Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies  and to Aberystwyth University for enabling us to film at Old College as they clear the building for the exciting transformation to a centre for learning, culture and enterprise by 2023, a project that is also being developed with Hay Festival as a partner.

And finally, thanks to Hay Castle Trust and Booths Bookshop for allowing us to film on location.

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