Scribblers Cymraeg Live Events 2022

Book now to attend live events in the Taliesin Arts Centre at Swansea University on Wednesday 9 November 2022 and the Medrus Mawr at Aberystwyth University on Thursday 10 November 2022.

These free Welsh language workshops for pupils in KS3 (Years 7, 8, 9) are brought to you as part of the Hay Festival Scribblers Tour.

Join acclaimed poets and authors Anni Llŷn and Ifor ap Glyn for creative and interactive events celebrating the Welsh language. There will also be workshops led by Welsh language lecturers at each university and the days will be hosted by poet and performer Aneirin Karadog.

You can apply for a travel bursary from the Arts Council of Wales’ Go and See Fund. Apply at before Friday 23 September 2022 to be eligible.


10.30am Introduction and Event 1 – Anni Llŷn

11.30am Break

11.45am  Event 2 – Ifor ap Glyn

12pm Lunch

12.45pm  Event 3 – University session and evaluation

2pm Finish

Each school attending will receive a pack of teaching materials. Please bring a packed lunch, a pencil and paper.

Anni Llŷn

Event 1: 10.30am – Anni Llŷn

Anni Llŷn is a familiar face on Welsh television as a presenter and actor. She was the Children's Bard of Wales for two years and leads creative workshops in schools across Wales. 

In this session, Anni will encourage pupils to ask lots of creative questions, such as, can the sun be hairy? Can you be stormy? Can your best friend be like a big, tasty sweet? What effect does the way we use description have on our writing? Is the obvious a little boring? Is there an unusual adjective you can use? Can our similes and metaphors follow a theme? These are the questions we’ll be exploring in a session full of playful ideas to prove that the way we describe things can transform our work.

Ifor ap Glyn

Event 2: 11.30am – Ifor ap Glyn

The poet, presenter and TV producer Ifor ap Glyn won the Crown at the National Eisteddfod twice and has been Bardd Plant Cymru (2008–9) and, more recently, National Poet of Wales (2016–22).

In this session, Ifor will look at how you can use cynghanedd to kickstart your imagination. Too often seen as dauntingly complicated, it’s just a fun way of forming patterns and playing with words. And although pupils probably won’t master the art of writing award-winning poems by the end of this session, they will learn how to use alliteration and internal rhyme to create random images.
Sci-Fi Workshop at Swansea University

Event 3: 12.45pm – Wednesday 9 November 2022

Swansea University – Diaries From the Future

Have you ever discovered a diary – an old diary, or perhaps one belonging to your brother or sister? Did you giggle at their deepest, darkest secrets? What if...well, what if you discovered a diary from the future?

This workshop will encourage you to fool all your friends and create a fake diary from the future. Professor Tudur Hallam and Dr Miriam Elin Jones will present time capsules to inspire your journey into the future and teach you to imagine and envisage your own science fiction adventure.
Cerdd-Iaith Workshop at Aberystwyth University

Event 3: 12.45pm – Thursday 10 November 2022

Aberystwyth University – Cerdd-Iaith (Listening to Language)

Would you like to know how dogs talk in Welsh, English and German, or how to say that you're hungry in Spanish and Welsh? This workshop will concentrate on the rhythm of words and sentences in order to introduce three or four languages to the Scribblers all at once. Led by Mererid Hopwood and Siân Lloyd-Davies, with music by Gareth Glyn, we will be learning new languages as also how to listen very carefully to rhythm and rhyme.

Cerdd-Iaith is a British Council Wales developed programme initially funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation's Teacher Development Fund and delivered in partnership with BBC National Orchestra of WalesYr Athrofa – the Institute of Education UWTSD and Ein Rhanbarth ar Waith (ERW). It is now exploring new languages supported by Aberystwyth University, the Goethe Institute, Ceredigion County Council and Welsh Government.

Aneirin Karadog

Scribblers Cymraeg host – Aneirin Karadog

Poet and performer Aneirin Karadog was Bardd Plant Cymru (Children’s Poet of Wales) 2013–2015 and writes poetry mainly in Cymraeg. He speaks five languages and has been known to rap in a previous life.
Scribblers Cymraeg 2022 partners

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Mererid Hopwood