Tickettyboo: Box office and ticketing

Are you running a multi-ticketed event or festival? Do you need a straightforward and efficient ticketing system? Tickettyboo provides tailored solutions to help you maximise sales and minimise stress.

Tickettyboo is the box office and ticketing arm of Hay Festival. Based in the UK, Hay Festival runs over a thousand events across twenty venues, within a ten-day period every year. All events are individually priced and ticketed; and Hay Festivals in Europe and across the world additionally require dual language ticketing.

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In response to these challenges, Tickettyboo has developed robust online and direct sales systems. We facilitate fast, buyer-friendly ticket sales, and ensure that customers, artists and staff enjoy first class organisation and efficiency. 

We want other arts organisations and community projects to benefit from our experience and investment – so we offer two box office solutions with a fixed pricing structure.

1. A complete Box Office

We will run your Box Office for you from start to finish. You supply us with all the details of your events, and we will work with you to get them on sale (with online and/or direct sales) on time and stress-free. We'll sell to your capacity, handling any customer problems, queries, returns, group bookings, cancellations, and anything else that arises. We'll be responsible for the mail-out of all tickets sold, as well as providing staff on-hand at your event for direct and door sales, and problem-solving.

2. Software to run your own Box Office

If your organisation wants to run its own ticketing on an ongoing basis, we can supply a software and support package. Our bespoke software has been developed over many years to respond to the demands of some of the most complicated ticketing scenarios. It is user-friendly, and staff training can be achieved quickly and easily. Licence and support packages can be negotiated and can also include additional elements such as artist and accommodation management systems.


We are privileged to have been able to develop our systems within one of the largest festivals in the UK. We want to share our experience with others, and our pricing structure reflects this. It is straightforward and transparent, so you will never experience any hidden costs or nasty surprises. Depending on the level of support you require, we charge either a fixed sum or a percentage of your box office income. Booking fees, which are charged directly to the customer, form an additional negotiable revenue. Although we offer a high end service, the cost to you will be relative to the size of your event(s).

We welcome any enquiries, and will not push any partnership forward unless we are confident of providing a successful and affordable solution. Contact us on tickets@tickettyboo.org for a consultation.

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Who we are

We are box office professionals who, as well as running various box offices for Hay Festival worldwide, also work on other ticketing projects all year round.

Penny Compton, Hay Festival’s Box Office Manager, has over ten years' ticketing experience and is supported by a team carefully chosen for their charm, commitment to excellent customer service and ability to handle any amount of pressure.

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What we offer

Tickettyboo offers many different solutions. We can take on every aspect of box office, freeing you to concentrate on the organisation of your event, or provide you with software, training and support so you can sell your own tickets. Using bespoke systems developed with complete flexibility in mind, we can tailor a package that suits your needs.

Tickettyboo is different to a standard online self-service box office – we aim to know your event inside out so we can provide your customers with a one-stop service when planning their visit.

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What your customers get

  • Excellent customer service with fast response times, including the provision of helpful related information
  • Dedicated customer service telephone number/email address
  • Immediate confirmation emails, and physical tickets delivered to customers' doors within 48 hours
  • Reassurance that all customer data and payment details are stored correctly according to data laws and never shared with anyone else.
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What you get

  • Online ticketing page(s) designed to blend in with your own website, creating a seamless customer experience
  • Online/telephone/postal payment processingBranded tickets/e-tickets with security features as required
  • Live sales figures on demand, standard reporting and analysis
  • Administration of refunds, cancellations and any other changes that directly affect your customers
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And more...

  • Onsite support, including provision of staff and hardware.
  • Accommodation, travel and parking advice and booking
  • Individual order notes, accessibility requirements, etc
  • Special offers, promotions, online codes and vouchers
  • Complimentary booking form processing for VIPs

What other people say:

“Hay Festival is famous for its own outstanding literary event but I didn’t realise it was also a wonderful facilitator of other festivals and events. It was therefore a pleasant and happy surprise for me to have them helping with the Resurgence 50th anniversary celebrations in Oxford. Their superb, efficient handling of the box office and charming manners made us feel relaxed and confident that everything was running smoothly. We were most delighted with the excellent service they provided.” Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence
“We have worked with Penny on our festival box office system for four years and are extremely happy with the service we receive. Penny is knowledgeable, prompt, helpful and always a pleasure to deal with.” Geraldine Gaughran, Hinterland Festival, Kells

The Drill Hall, 25 Lion Street

tickets@tickettyboo.org <br/><br/>01497 822 629
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