A Shepherd at the Edge of the World.

Her life, farming in an area known as the End of the World, has been turned into a book by Icelandic author Steinunn Sigurõardóttir,  and both were at the Hay Festival today to explain how the project came about.

Sigurõardóttir, initially persuaded the feminist, former model that she wanted to write about Heiõa's fight against plans to raise a hydro-electric power station on her land, but it developed into a portrait of a remote and difficult life battling unforgiving elements.

Heiõa (right) is passionate about farming and living close to nature. She said, "I don't own the land, the land owns me." Heiõa: A Shepherd at the Edge of the World is also a testament to the fact that farming isn't the sole preserve of men.

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