News and Live Updates from Hay Festival 2019

HAYDAYS and #HAYYA authors live-stream

Hay Festival live-stream to libraries around the UK

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The Hay audience gave Jo Brand a very warm welcome tonight. Read more
Michael Fuller: From bullied child to pioneering chief constable

Michael Fuller’s memoir is one of silence and noise- the moments in which he chose to speak out and the moments in which he chose to take the higher ground. His book, Kill the Black One First, charts his life. From his childhood in care to his remarkable career in policing, it encapsulates social changes and personal successes.

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It’s the 21st century, let’s stop worrying about sexuality

How does someone “become gay”? Why do babies have to “come out”? And why on earth are we still talking about it?  These are some of the questions Stephanie Merritt posed to comedian Mae Martin on her new book Can Everyone Please Calm Down.

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Do we truly understand sleep?
In a myth-busting talk at Hay today, the neurologist, Guy Leschziner, explained the extent to which scientists and medics understand sleep.  Read more
Devil visits Hay
It takes some front to play a stand-up comedy routine dressed as Lucifer, but Marcus Brigstocke was full of devilment at the Hay Festival tonight Read more
Enjoy a short film about today's action at Hay Festival. Read more
Hay Festival top picks, Friday 24 May Read more
Hay hosts Front Row Late

What is sayable in today's society? Racism, anti-semitism and where the line should be drawn in humour, satire and on social media were all subjects tackled on Front Row Late broadcast from the Hay Festival.

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“If there is a heaven, it’s going to be a Library”
Michael Rosen entertained the crowds at the Hay Festival today in an engaging discussion with Peter Florence where he emphasised the significance of libraries and paid homage to the late Judith Kerr.  Read more
What is the future of our countryside?

The Oxford economist and academic, Dieter Helm, laid out his vision for a green and sustainable future at the Hay Festival today.

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A New Divan: the writers fusing East and West

Poetry on paradise and eternity seen from East and West perspectives were read to an enthralled audience at the Hay Festival today.

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Winning Welsh Writers
The two winners of the New Welsh Writing Awards 2019 were announced at Hay this afternoon. Read more

Hay Festival devoted four stages today to local young activists in order to raise awareness of the climate crisis, and to support the millions of young people striking across the world. 

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The Waterboys
Mike Scott leads his Waterboys to triumph at Hay  Read more
The Misinformation Age

To what extent are we fed misinformation in this digital age, and has this led to a moral epidemic on the climate crisis? Hay Festival sustainability director Andy Fryers spoke to astronomer David J Helfand on his recent book A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age.

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“I never thought I’d write a book but life works in mysterious ways” said Stacey Dooley on the opening day of Hay Festival talking about her new book On The Front Line With Women Who Fight Back.

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“The upland areas can play a major role” - Dr Fraser

Dr Mariecia Fraser from Aberystwyth University in conversation with the poet Elizabeth Jardine-Godwin provided a scientific and literary overview of the significance of upland farming in Wales.

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Hay Festival top picks, Thursday 23 May

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Programme for Schools
Hay Festival opened with spectacular enthusiasm from more than 5,000 children on the first of the free Programme for Schools days. Packing out the Festival venues for a day of events with Cressida Cowell, Harry Hill, Caroline Lawrence, Chris Bradford, Abi Elphinstone and Ade Adepitan, it is a fabulous way to begin the Festival. Read more
Rewilding - The Return of Nature to a British Farm

Inspirational conservationist Isabella Tree spoke about her pioneering project to hand a 3,500 acre farm back to nature.

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Veggies and vegans: the planet savers?

Are we destroying the planet by eating meat? Campaigner, author and founder of People Tree Safia Minney and writer and agricultural worker Simon Fairlie discussed with Martin Wright one of the most prevalent issues facing the food and waste industry today.

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Anthony Warner, aka The Angry Chef, took a butcher's cleaver to the fashion industry and the media in a discussion about obesity at Hay Festival today. Read more
What can we do about polluting plastics?
Natalie Fee, Lucy Siegle and Paula Owen were at the Hay Festival today highlighting the problem of plastic pollution.  The main theme of the discussion centred around what more can we do to subvert the detrimental impact on our planet.  Read more