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Hay Festivalito Comunitario is a social inclusion strategy that seeks to achieve social transformations through the participation of children as active writers and readers.

With a programme of literary activities aimed at children, adolescents and young people from the most vulnerable communities in Cartagena and Bolívar, this event, organised by the Plan Foundation, is an integral part of Hay Festival Cartagena.

All events are free and take place in community spaces specially adapted for them. As a project, Hay Festivalito lasts all year round.

I really liked the Fernando Savater book, because it shows how people can overcome obstacles and achieve what they want.” Catrina, junior reporter

EVENTS 2006–2014


Districts: Nelson Mandela
Participants: junior writers and producers for the magazine Caja Mágica and the school radio station El Redentor
Guest artist: philosopher Fernando Savater
Activities: a talk on people's right to information and free expression

There are no barriers in books.” Javier Alatamar, junior reporter


Districts: El Pozón
Activities: related to the guest authors’ writings and the work done by Wole Soyinka with young people in Africa and Jamaica
Guest artists: Nigerian Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinca, Santiago Gamboa and Oscar Collazos


Districts: El Pozón, Comuna 15, la Boquilla, Bayunca and Membrillal
Participants: junior writers and communication project leaders
Activities: screening of the film Paraíso Travel, launch of the book Cuenta que te Cuenta, Mira que te Mira y Oye que te Oye (a project by Fundación Plan to give an outlet for expression to child victims of forced displacement in Colombia) and interviews of festival authors and journalists by junior reporters.
Guest artists: Jon Snow, Matt Frei, Martin Amis, Isabel Fonseca, Jorge Franco, Ricardo Silva, Yolanda Reyes, Samarys Polo and Aida Marcuse

I feel proud to be able to talk to people who have written books because I like literature a lot; every time I read I feel good and I really get into what I am reading. I have learnt a lot.” Luz Karime Castro, aged 11


Districts: El Pozón
Participants: displaced children
Activities: My Favourite Story From My Childhood event; exhibition of rag dolls from the campaign Ni Con El Pétalo de Una Rosa for a city free of violence against women and children; joint launch, with Pastoral Social, of the textbook Voces para un mundo posible e incluyente within the framework of the project Atención Integral (to support children in displaced situations)
Guest artists: Laura Restrepo, Pilar Lozano, Luis Sepúlveda, Benjamin Zephaniah and Alejandra Borrero


Launch of the PUNTO DE PARTIDA programme
Seven schools: 2,490 students and 79 educators participated towards the goal of strengthening reading and writing skills, during three years of primary school, all year round. Cinecultura developed the programme.
Districts: El Pozón, Las Palmeras, La Boquilla, San José de los Campanos and Boston
Participants: 1,100 children and young adults
Invited artists: Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Yolanda Reyes, Estercilia Simancas, Vicenta Siosi, Tainana Jaramillo and Celso Román

Studying and literature were the paths by which violence were removed from the map as a way of life.” Junior reporter


Districts: La Boquilla, El Pozón, Las Palmeras, El Nazareno, Membrillal and Gambote, and the municipality of Arjona (dialogue with children and young people affected by the flooding).
Participants: 636 children and teachers
Activities: 24 events
Punto de Partida Programme: 2,898 students and 86 educators participated throughout the year
An event involving writers and teachers, about reading and writing for pleasure and how to transmit this in the classroom; a public exhibition of photography, Viviendo en la Ciudad, in the cloister of Santo Domingo, in partnership with Plan UK and the international project Shoot Nations (the participants were young reporters from the most vulnerable communities in Cartagena); and the handover to 7 schools of 7,280 books collected during a campaign carried out by RCN radio and TV, Fundación Plan, Hay Festival, Comfenalco, TCC and Ennovva.
Guest artists: Buena Vista Social Club, Francisco Hinojosa, Maite Carranza, Pep Durán, Margarita Robleda, Beatriz Helena Robledo, Gonzalo España, Luis Pescetti, Sergio Ramírez, Conrado Zuluaga


Districts: Membrillal, La Boquilla, Bayunca, Tierra Baja, Puerto Rey and Comuna15
Participants: 907 children and young adults
Activities: Launch of the project Crecer Leyendo in the districts of Palenque, Turbaco and Arjona with the aim of promoting talent, communication skills and an interest in reading, in a permanent way. An experience that supported 2,160 children aged between 6 and 12.

The Punto de Partida programme is implemented for the third consecutive year. Another 7 schools with 2,660 pupils and 81 educators reinforced reading and writing as basic tools for learning. A scheme related to peace education with pupils and teachers at the 14 de Febrero school in El Pozón; 'the largest book in the world' in Membrillal and the Walled City, an event to promote reading in early infancy; a meeting with leaders of groups of people of African descent for dialogue regarding history and a dance workshop with young dancers.
Guest artists: Pep Durán, Claudio Naranjo, Edmundo Paz Soldan, Yolanda Reyes, Diana Uribe and Gustavo Guerrero, and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble


Districts: San Basilio de Palenque, Santa Catalina, Clemencia and Santa Rosa, Tierra Baja, Puerto Rey and El Pozón
Participants: 4,350 children
Activities: 15 events. A performance by the La Ventana theatre company, a talk for children about the link between drawing and thought, an illustration workshop, a story about the history of Christopher Columbus, a singer-songwriter, and a conversation about the situation and difficulties faced by people displaced by armed conflict.
Guest artists: Miss Rosi, Menena Cottin, José María Plaza, Francisco Montaña, Beatriz Helena Robledo, Sybilla Brodzinsky, Max Shoening, Jairo Bruitago, Lucero Márquez and Fernando Savater


Districts: districts in Cartagena and Bolívar
Participants: 2,200 children
Activities: 14 workshops
Guest artists: José Campanella, Gael García Bernal, Gustavo Tatis, Pilar Lozano, José Mojica, Gonzalo Moure, Antonio Orlando Rodríguez, Ramón Cote and Cesar Mallorquí

What I enjoyed most about this project was finding out about the history of my people and the inhabitants of my country; I also learned lots of interesting things, and how important it is to read using our senses and our bodies.” David Elías Sanabria, aged 8
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