Hay Festival Colombia Foundation Benefactors

Cartagena audience

Thank you to all our 2022 Benefactors!

Miguel Acevedo Rueda

Fernando Arciniegas

Nayibe Bechara

Vilma Bisono

Clarissa Brugal

Hernando Cardozo Luna

Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra

Jarouska Cocco

Dora de Germán Ribón

Ángela Eastman

Henry Eder

Mónica Gómez de Espinosa

Felipe González Pacheco

María Claudia Lacouture

Isabel León

Álvaro Leyva

Alberto Lozano Vila

Rubén Minski

Nora Narváez Montealegre

Jaime Alberto Ochoa Cadavid

Andrés Ortiz

María Cristina Piñeros

Leonor Restrepo de Urrutia

Luis Rojas Arango

Alfonso Salas Trujillo

Luz María Salazar Jaramillo

Ernesto Samper Pizano

Myriam Sánchez

Lorencita Santamaría de Samper

Jacqueline Then

Darío Vargas

Paula Villamizar

Ligia Zuleta Muñoz

Jaime Zuluaga Gómez



Announcemente to Benefactors

We are delighted to announce that our festivals in Medellín and Cartagena de Indias will be held in a hybrid format between 25-30 January 2022.

Our team has been working enthusiastically to provide a safe space for our in-person gathering with a programme that includes around 30 live events in the city of Medellín and more than 70 in Cartagena de Indias.

In addition to the face-to-face events, and due to the success of the last digital edition, we will continue to offer a free virtual selection of talks, as we are convinced of the importance of bringing these conversations to many other corners of Colombia that enjoyed the festival's events last year.

As every year, together with the Plan Foundation, we have designed the Hay Comunitario with a rich programme of talks and activities carried out by our guests. These events will be held in different educational institutions, libraries and cultural centers in different districts of Cartagena, outside the walled city.

That is why our Benefactor Programme is more important than ever.

In the next issue we will explain how it will work:

  • The festival programme will be launched on 30 November 2021 and tickets will be on sale for the general public on the same day.
  • Starting on that date and for the next 10 days, benefactors will be able to reserve up to 20 tickets for Cartagena and 10 tickets for Medellín. The festival will reserve seats for the next 10 days (until 10 December) to guarantee benefactors their tickets for the events of their choice.
  • Reserved seating for benefactors will be available in Medellín and Cartagena. In compliance with biosecurity measures, only one person per ticket will be allowed into each venue, no credentials will be used for entry.
  • The capacity of the venues will be approximately 50%, so we reiterate the importance of reserving tickets before the established date. In case of non-use of a ticket, please inform the festival organisers so that space can be made available.
  • After 10 December 2021, benefactors will be entitled to tickets subject to box office availability.

In addition to these rights, credit will be given in the programme and on the festival website in the benefactor’s section, and a donation certificate will be issued for the amount not used for the purchase of tickets.

Also, during your stay in Cartagena de Indias you will be presented with a photograph (limited edition) of one of the authors by the great photographer of writers Daniel Mordzinski.

Please inform us of your interest in joining this scheme and make the transfer no later than 15 November.

The dates of the festivals are:

  • Hay Festival Medellín: 25-27 January 2022
  • Hay Festival Cartagena: 27-30 January 2022

The value of the donation is:

- $2.000.000 for one person- Simple Plan Benefactor (PBS)

- $3.600.000 for two people - Double Benefactor Plan (PBD)

To make your contribution before 15 November, we have two ways of payment:

  1. Payment by credit card: To make your contribution you must enter the following link: http://boleteria.gematours.co/hayfestival/planes.php
  2. Payment by bank transfer or consignment: Make your payment by bank transfer to Banco Itaú Current Account 501374771, in the name of Fundación Hay Festival Colombia -Nit 900.255.241-8.

Any payments made and not notified to the e-mail addresses below do not commit Fundación Hay Festival Colombia to reserve a spot in the Benefactor Plan. It is essential to send proof of payment or deposit to nataliacantillo@gematours.com copying to tatiana@hayfestival.org with the name and contact details of those who have signed up for the programme.

Thanks to your support, Hay Festival reaches more people every year.

Account details:


Current Account Banco Itaú 501374771

Tax ID 900.255.241-8

Kind regards,

Constanza Escobar

Director of Development and Communication

Hay Festival Cartagena