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Thanks to the international agreement between the Government of Wales and the Hay Festival, discover the wealth of culture and history of Wales. From the most famous arts in the world to amazing landscapes. All hand in hand with a warm and legendary welcome.


Hay Festival and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) is a public organization dedicated to drive an initiative and promoting the culture and heritage of Spain, inside and outside its borders, through a wide program of activities that includes exhibitions, meetings, conference cycles, cinema, theater, music, audiovisual productions and initiatives that promote the mobility of professionals and creators. Within the initiatives that promote the internationalization and mobility of professionals in the Spanish literary sector, AC / E has launched a collaboration program with the Hay Festival held in different parts of the world, co-organizing activities for the promotion and dissemination outside the work of its creators. The Hay Festival Colombia 2021 edition featured the presence of: Marta AltésJuan Luis ArsuagaElia BarcelóCristina DuránEduardo Infante y Juan José Millás.

Hay Festival and BBC Mundo

To accompany the programming of Hispanic festivals and expand its reach through digital media, Hay Festival is partnering with BBC Mundo to prepare complementary programming in which guests to the Hay Festival Colombia, and other great personalities from the world of culture from America and Europe, discussed current issues, offered suggestions for books and authors they admire, and shared their views on specific topics. Readers also find curious notes and put their knowledge of literature and the Spanish language to the test. BBC Mundo journalists moderated various talks at the festival.

This digital programming, with exclusive videos, texts, images and conversations, were be published on the website and social networks of BBC Mundo and Hay Festival.

Hay Festival and El País América

Hay Festival and El País have established a media alliance for all festivals in Latin America that brings the content of the festival to the readers of the newspaper and the interviews and investigations of the newspaper to the festival's spectators. The newspaper has a talk at each festival with a great international personality, and both organizations share content to bring the Hay Festival closer to the readers of El País. In Cartagena, the chilean writer Isabel Allende talked with the director of El País América Jan Martínez Ahrens.

Talento Editorial

The Editorial Talent Meetings are events of a professional and international nature open to the public that aim to publicize innovative and successful experiences in the publishing industry. Spaces in which booksellers, publishers and people from the world of books exchange ideas and reflect together. During the last fifteen years the book industry has undergone - or enjoyed - an extraordinary revolution that has affected its economic and creative foundations. The twelfth edition of Talento Editorial invited you to analyze this irreversible cultural mutation.

Hay Festival and Fundación Gabo

Since 2014 the Gabo Foundation and the Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias, as part of an alliance of more than a decade, have taken the initiative to organize, as a tribute to the English writer, Michael Jacobs travel chronicle scholarship Michael Jacobs travel chronicle scholarship, which awards $ 7,500 a draft book or travel article about Latin America or Spain, to be published in Spanish or English. Since 2017 the Scholarship has been supported by The Michael Jacobs Foundation for Travel Writing.

In five editions, the Scholarship has received more than 833 travel book proposals, of which 6 winners have been selected: Álex Ayala (Spain), Federico Bianchini (Argentina), Diego Cobo (Spain), Sabrina Duque (Ecuador), Ernesto Picco (Argentina) and JS Tennat (UK). In 2020 she won the J.S. Tennant with his project Mrs. Gargantua. Santiago Willis won this years scholarship.

International Wales Arts Council Fellowship

Mererid Hopwood is the current recipient of the scholarship Cymrawd Rhyngwladol Cymru Greadigol Hay Festival/Hay Festival Creative Wales International Fellow for 2020–2021, a program co-organized with the Arts Council of Wales, which gives a Welsh writer the opportunity to participate in the international Hay Festival. She is one of the most prominent Welsh authors, working to promote the Welsh language and traditional Welsh poetry. The Hay Festival's roots lie in Wales, a country less known than its neighbor, England, and a country that has an ancient and rich language and culture.

Hay Festival and British Council

The Hay Festival and the British Council launched a global partnership at the 2010 Hay-on-Wye Festival - deepening their joint work since the birth of Hay Festival Cartagena - and have since worked together to bring UK writers and thinkers to global audiences. The British Council's literature team promotes British publishers, poets and writers in different communities and audiences around the world, developing innovative and high-quality events that weave connections between writers, publishers and cultural institutions. The British authors of Hay Festival Colombia 2021 are supported by the British Council. The foregoing in order to ensure that the knowledge and experience of the United Kingdom in the field of literature is recognized and appreciated by different Colombian audiences. These are the British authors that were part of the festival: Bernardine EvaristoHallie Rubenhold and Philippe Sands.

Hay Diálogos with Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos

Hay Diálogos with Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos is a proposal from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) together with the Hay Festival to try to promote knowledge and exchange between writers of different generations and nationalities, united by the same language and a shared literary tradition. This proposal, which is developed in each of the existing Hay Festivals, and which is part of the critical and informative work carried out by the journal Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos, edited by AECID, has the participation of an author with extensive experience, which in turn proposes a younger one, either from Latin America or Spain. It is, therefore, a dialogue that builds bridges between generations and different countries through a common literature. This year, Irene Vallejo talked with Héctor Abad Faciolince

The Eccles Centre for American Studies

The Eccles Centre & Hay Festival Writer’s Award es un premio literario anual que premia con £ 20.000 un proyecto de escritura que explore una temática relacionada con América; el premio lo convoca el Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, en asociación con el Hay Festival. El premio está dirigido a escritores que trabajan en libros de no ficción o ficción, en inglés o español, que requieran el uso de la colección de las Américas, en la Biblioteca Británica. En noviembre conocimos a los dos ganadores del premio: Pola Oloixarac e Imabong Umoren. El Hay Festival se complace en apoyar este premio y contribuir a la difusión de la convocatoria y del trabajo de los premiados, invitando a los ganadores a sus festivales. This edition, the argentine writer Pola Oloixarac and the mexican Daniel Saldaña París talked with Guido Tamayo

Hay Festival and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The global alliance between Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (RBG Kew) and the Hay Festival will arrive this year at the Hay Festival in Mexico, Peru and Colombia. A series of conversations and conferences with the Kew brand, focused on the environment will help to promote understanding about the importance of protecting our planet and its unique biodiversity; at a time when threats from changes in land use, climate change, as well as pests and pathogens are growing.

In the framework of the Hay Festival Colombia 2021 we enjoyed the following conversation: Comer, curar y crear: el poder de las plantas y de los hongos en Colombia. Hernando García and Mauricio Diazgranados in conversation with Mónica Fonseca.

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