Programme and tickets

Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias 2024: January 25-28.

Online Box office

-Tickets for Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias here.

-Hay Festival Medellin does not requiere any tickets, as they are free entry events, Browse the programme.

-Tickets for Hay Festival Jericó, here.

Box office at Cartagena:

More information to follow. Box office will open at late January.

University community

All events at the Hay Festival are free for the university community. Soon, we will share the instructions for requesting your free tickets. Each student is entitled to 10 free tickets for the conversations plus one for the concert. These requests are subject to availability, and students must attach an identification document to verify their status when making the request. The last day to request these free tickets is January 21st.


If you are unable to attend the event, you must notify us by January 12, 2023. Cancellation requests should be sent to the email address Gema Tours S.A.S and the Hay Festival Foundation of Colombia are not obligated to print tickets, reprint lost, damaged, broken, or stolen tickets; these are entirely the responsibility of the CLIENT. Gema Tours S.A.S is not responsible for choosing the talks for the CLIENT, so the CLIENT accepts that the talks will be chosen directly by them and understands that it is their obligation to present the tickets for entry to each event. Entry to the talks will not be allowed without the presentation of the ticket, either in physical or electronic form.
Regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal by Users, in what is not specified in these conditions, it will be carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of Article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011 (Consumer Statute).
**NO CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED** for reserved talks, so when choosing them in the system, it is recommended to verify the dates and times beforehand to avoid conflicts. Reassignment to Another Event: In any of the above cases, you may request, at the ticket office or by email at, the change of the purchased tickets for the canceled, modified, or postponed talk immediately. In the change request, you can choose another talk from the different Events that are published and available for sale in the Festival's program..


  • Teatro Adolfo Mejía
  • Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española
  • Centro de Convenciones Julio César Turbay Ayala
  • Universidad de Cartagena
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar
  • Universidad del Norte
  • Clemencia
  • Corporación Ruleli
  • Institución Educativa 14 de Febrero, El Pozón
  • La Boquilla
  • La Canoa Literaria
  • Malagana
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Biblioteca Popular de Playa Blanca
  • Puerto Rey
  • Tierra Baja
  • Turbaco


Berta Bragado, María Camila Ferias, Marcela Mastroianni

Coordinator assitants

Zoe Romero Miranda and Gema Tours

Hay Festival Medellín and Jericó coordination

Nicolás Cuellar, Sara Araujo and Carlos Castro

Press & Communication

Constanza Escobar de Nogales

Development Director

Cristina Fuentes La Roche

Hay Festival Internacional Director

Izara García Rodríguez

Hay Festival International Coordinator

Diana Gedeón & Gema Tours team, Carolina Agamez, Natalia Cantillo, Carmen Hernández Betzabeth Martínez Sherly Pitalua, Sugey Pájaro Alberto Torres, Ana Matty Trujillo

Logistics & Production

Verónica Gil Álvarez (Brand design, Jericó & Medellín)

Sheila Hall Peña (Education programme)

Projects coordinations

Catalina Gómez Ángel

Digital Content Production

Gustavo Gordillo & OJO POR OJO team

Video production

Junkie Media team: Alejandra Ramírez, Gisell González, Itzel Aguilar, Ignacio Hipólito, Carlos Millet, Luis Pérez

Social Media

Iñaki Lasa Etura

Digital Content COordination

Carmen López, Tatiana Herrera

Logistics & Production

Flor Martínez

Hosts & volunteers Coordination

Magix Group

Audiovisual Production

Daniel Mordzinski


Iván Onatra

Design and Layout

Paul Richardson

Web page

Zoe Romero Miranda

Hay Festival International Coordinator

Guido Tamayo


Patronos Fundación Hay Festival Colombia

Caroline Michel

Rosie Boycott

Patricia Escallón de Ardila

Comité Ejecutivo Fundación Hay Festival Colombia

Cristina Fuentes La Roche

Diana Gedeón

Constanza Escobar

Vicepresidentes Honorarios del Hay Festival Cartagena

Jaime Abello Banfi

Raimundo Angulo Pizarro

Ana María Aponte

Cecilia Balcázar de Bucher

Victoria Bejarano

Paula Jaramillo

Alfonso López Caballero

Mauricio Rodríguez

León Teicher

Hay Festival Foundation Ltd Trustees

Caroline Michel (Chair)

Dylan Jones

Rosie Boycott

Nick Gowing

Jonathan Godfrey

Geraint Davies

Philippe Sands

Terry Burns

Mair Gwynant

Victoria Bejarano

Hay Festival Foundation Ltd CEO

Julie Finch

Hay Festival Foundation Ltd President

Stephen Fry

Thank you very much to all the volunteers


  • Teatro Adolfo Mejía
  • Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española
  • Centro de Convenciones Julio César Turbay Ayala
  • Hotel Sofitel Santa Clara
  • Universidad de Cartagena
  • Institución Educativa Jesús Maestro, Nelson Mandela
  • Institución Educativa La Boquilla
  • Institución Educativa 14 de Febrero, El Pozón
  • Institución Educativa Luis Carlos Galán, El Pozón
  • Institución Educativa San Francisco de Asís, Membrillal
  • Arjona
  • Puerto Rey

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