The Hay 30 – Sada MIRE

Sada Mire is a Swedish-Somali archaeologist, art historian and presenter, who currently serves as assistant professor at the faculty of archeology, Leiden University, The Netherlands. Sada holds a PhD from UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, London. She is the only active Somali archaeologist, working in Somalia and Somaliland. Her numerous publications include a dozen academic journal articles on some of her notable archeological discoveries. She believes we need culture in times of war as articulated in her TEDxEuston talk Cultural Heritage a basic human need.

She is also the writer and presenter of the Leiden University MOOC course ‘Heritage under Threat’ at Coursera. Sada’s work can be found in major international media including documentaries and features with CNN, National Geographic, Chanel Four, UK, Futura Channel, BBC News, BBC Radio 4, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, NewScientist, Discover Magazine, and Vanity Fair (France). Sada is currently busy completing three book projects.
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Hay Festival 2017

Rageh Omaar, Mary Harper and Sada Mire

Somaliland: The African Miracle You’ve Never Heard About

Hay Festival 2017, 

This small country, tucked in the northwestern corner of the Horn of Africa, is a template for what is achievable on the continent. And it’s an antidote to the constant cycle of pessimism about Africa that dominates the Western thought on the current state of the continent.  How did the country move from famine, poverty and war to a thriving and prosperous multi-party democracy? Harper is Africa Editor at the BBC World Service and author of Getting Somalia Wrong; Mire is a Swedish-Somali archaeologist.