Meet the Haymaker – Adriana Grimaldo

Our monthly 'Meet the Haymaker' series shares stories of the change-makers at the heart of Hay Festival and the impact it has had on their lives. Ahead of Hay Festival Querétaro this September, get to know Adriana Grimaldo who coordinates and delivers our education and outreach work in Mexico. 

Name: Adriana Grimaldo

Occupation: Education and outreach coordinator, Hay Festival Querétaro

What does Hay Festival mean to you? 

Hay Festival is an event that I definitely look forward to every year. During the months prior to the festival, I enjoy preparing the events that I am charge of, and once the festival starts, I fully experience it as a party of great ideas coming together!

What’s your favourite Festival memory? 

Meeting Elisa Arguilé and having coffee with her while she told me about her new book.

Have you ever changed your mind on something having been to a Hay Festival event?

Yes! Having had the chance to hear Tawakkul Karman allowed me to think about the importance of being faithful to our beliefs, even when it might seem like the battle is lost.

Who was the best speaker or performer you saw on a Hay Festival stage?

¡Patti Smith!

What advice do you have for a first-timer at the Festival? 

Bring a notepad with you to take notes and write down your ideas!

Sum up Hay Festival in five words or less…

A jolt to the mind!

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