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The full programme is available for this year’s festival, 25 May to 4 June - you can download a PDF of the programme here. We very much look forward to seeing you in May.

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Ellie Sømme

Another Man’s Shoes

Event 24 Venue: Starlight Stage

Ellie’s father Sven and uncle Jacob, both leading scientists, led the XU Norwegian Resistance movement against the Nazi occupation in WW2. She tells a mesmerising story of espionage and heroism illustrated with artefacts and documents as she traces the survival of the XU all the way through the Cold War until 1988.

Price: £7.30

Dan Haworth-Salter, Sue Bell and Conrad Feather talk to Diana Toynbee

The Size of Herefordshire

Event 25 Venue: Cube

Dan Haworth-Salter, Sue Bell and Conrad Feather talk to Diana Toynbee

Among the bravest fighters for the Amazon rainforest are the Wampis people from Peru.  They’re supported by the Size of Herefordshire, a local group, who are just back from visiting them and join us with photographs, films and stories.

Price: £6.30

Horatio Clare

Myths & Legends of the Brecon Beacons

Event 60 Venue: Baillie Gifford Stage

Horatio Clare

Discover the magic and myths hidden in the rolling hills of the Brecon Beacons. Find Arthur and his knights sleeping away the decades in a cave, and go on the search for the White Lady of Tretower Court with the award-winning author of Down To The Sea In Ships, The Prince’s Pen and Orison for a Curlew. Chaired by Peter Florence.

Price: £7.30

Bill Laws

Herefordshire’s Home Front in the First World War

Event 262 Venue: Good Energy Stage

Herefordshire in 1913 was an old-fashioned shire under the benevolent rule of the Church and the gentry. Its bishop was opposed to war and his successor was opposed to women’s suffrage. Many of its farmers refused to plough on a Sunday: many more regarded women as being incapable of farm work. By 1919 the shire was in mourning for more than 4,000 men, had employed 4,000-plus women in munitions factories and another 2,500 on farms. It had deprived more children of a proper education than any other English county.

Price: £7.30