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Event 45

Fernando Savater in conversation with Joseph Cohen

We Europeans!

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

World renowned Spanish philosopher, essayist and laureate of the Octavio Paz Prize, Fernando Savater, together with Joseph Cohen, French philosopher, professor at University College Dublin (Ireland) and founding member of the Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco, will discuss the emergence of a most uncanny guest in contemporary Europe: nihilism. From whence does this obscure phenomenon arise and in accordance to which forces does it progressively dismantle and disassemble the very European ideal of humanism? In what manner are we as Europeans capable of confronting the multiple threats of nihilism affecting our very political history? Fernando Savater and Joseph Cohen will philosophically diagnose the source and analyse the numerous effects of nihilism in Europe today as well as sketch possibilities from which we Europeans may perhaps overcome the perils and problems currently proliferating in our societies on the national, European and international planes. In the face of our contemporary nihilism, what can we hope for the future? Towards what kind of future are we Europeans heading?

Fernando Savater Photo ©: Ricardo Martín

Joseph Cohen Photo ©: Mat Jacob

Simultaneous translation from French to Spanish and Spanish into French
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Event 52

Theodor Kallifatides in conversation with Monika Zgustova

Exile and lost identity

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

Writer Theodor Kallifatides was born in Greece in 1938 and emigrated to Sweden in 1964, where he began his literary career. He has published more than forty works comprising fiction, essays and poetry, which have been translated into several languages and have received multiple awards over the decades. At seventy-seven, suffering from writer’s block, he makes the difficult decision to sell his Stockholm studio and travels to his native Greece with the hope of rediscovering the easy flow of language. He gathers his observations and emotions in Another Life and explores the relationship between a meaningful life and meaningful work, and how to reconcile himself with ageing. Kallifatides exchanges impressions about life in exile and the impact on identity with translator, writer and journalist Monika Zgustova, who was born in Prague and settled in Barcelona four decades ago. Zgustova has sixty translations from Czech and Russian, for which she has received the City of Barcelona Award and the Angel Crespo Prize. She is also author of six novels, with the latest, Un revólver para salir de noche (‘A handgun to go out at night’) due to be published this autumn. Her work of fiction revolves around exile, the loss of identity and the intimate life of people in times of totalitarianism.

Monika Zgustova photo ©: Antoni Sella
Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish and Spanish to English
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