Talento Editorial 2021

Event TE1

Andrea Stefanoni, Marilyn Pennington and Antonio Ramírez

Publishing Talent: The memory of bookshops

 Sede digital Medellín

A bookshop is an endless ramble through written culture. Its shelves are stores of a legendary past, a complicated present and an uncertain future. How can we think about bookshops at a time when local businesses cannot develop and the obstacles to dealing in person are great? The closure of local shops, Internet sales, telework and tele-education have largely modified our habits of socializing, learning and consumption. In the case of bookshops, do they belong to the past? To discuss the matter are Andrea Stefanoni (writer and former manager of the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookshop in Argentina), Antonio Ramírez (Manager of La Central, Spain) and Marilyn Pennington (founder of the Librería Sophos bookshop in Guatemala).

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Event TE2

Pilar Reyes and Silvia Sesé in conversation with Nubia Macías

Publishing Talent: The memory of publishing

 Sede digital Medellín

Renowned publishers with great experience will talk about how they learned their trade, describing their present situation and how they see the future. At a time when all our social transactions have been transformed, what of the past must be retained? With remote communication and the rise of the use of digital technologies, many traditional and small-scale ways of acting and working are being sidelined. So what is essential knowledge in the publishing industry? What must not be lost when everything is changing? Nubia Macías (General Manager, NM Consultora) will talk to Pilar Reyes (Editorial Manager of Alfaguara, Taurus and the Academic Publications Department of Penguin Random House) and Silvia Sesé (Editorial Manager of Anagrama).

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Event TE3

10 years of Alianza’s new Libro de Bolsillo

Publishing Talent Workshop 1

 Sede digital Medellín

Workshop given by Manuel Estrada, General Manager of Estrada Design. He has received plaudits nationally and internationally, including prestigious awards such as the 2017 National Design Prize, an Art Directors Club of Europe Diploma, the Laus, an AEDP award, the Mexican Excellence in Design Prize, a Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Award and the Chicago Atheneum Museum of Architecture and Design’s Good Design Award.

Duration: 30 minutes

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Event TE4

Andrea Stefanoni

Publishing Talent Workshop: Managing a bookshop without losing your head

 Sede digital Medellín

Workshop given by Andrea Stefanoni, writer and former manager of the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookshop, Argentina.

Duration: 35 minutes

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Event TE5

Lluís Agustí, Alejandro Katz and Margarita Valencia in conversation

Publishing Talent: Keeping the memory alive. Training publishers and booksellers

 Sede digital Medellín

Will we return to life the way it was before the pandemic, or will we have to reinvent ourselves completely? For those who educate new generations, this question is an essential one. When it comes to training publishers and booksellers, what challenges will they face? How is it possible to prepare them for these challenges? How can knowledge of the past be kept alive while we also discover a new way of existing and interacting with others around the world? The years pass and the training of these professions is still something that needs to be tackled in Spanish-speaking countries. This event brings representatives of three prestigious academic institutions into discussion. Margarita Valencia (Educator at the Caro y Cuervo Institute, Colombia), Lluís Agustí (Director of Barcelona University’s Escola de Llibreria) and Alejandro Katz (Publishing Lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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Event TE6

Andrea Montejo and Víctor Hurtado in conversation with María Elvira Jaramillo

Publishing Talent: Sharing memories and creating memories. The role of literary agencies

 Sede digital Medellín

We are living in a world beset by pandemic, in which we have had to learn new ways of working, interacting and communicating and where the future is uncertain. In such a world it seems easier than ever to abandon past knowledge. What is the place, then, of literary agents, those mediators between writers and publishing companies? How do they feature at this time of uncertainty, adaptation and change? Andrea Montejo (Indent Literary Agency, New York) and Víctor Hurtado (VicLit Agency, Barcelona) in conversation with María Elvira Jaramillo, Communications Manager at Siglo del Hombre.

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Event TE7

Technological tools for improving the book supply chain: the Spanish experience

Publishing Talent Workshop 3

 Sede digital Medellín

Workshop given by José Manuel Anta, General Manager of FANDE (Federation of Spanish Book Distributor Associations) and IPDA (International Publishing Distribution Association).

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Event TE8

Typography as applied to book publishing

Publishing Talent Workshop 4

 Sede digital Medellín

Workshop given by Víctor Gomollón, Editorial Designer and Editor at Jekyll and Jill.

Duration: 50 minutes

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Event TE9

How a digital presence helps. Marketing strategies for the new normality

Publishing Talent Workshop 5

 Sede digital Medellín

Workshop given by Nancy García and Itzuri Burgos, General Manager and Creative Manager respectively of Lecturable, a creative stategies for the book sector agency based in Mexico City.

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