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Hay Festival Segovia 2022

Browse the programme of the seventeenth edition of Hay Festival Segovia. From September 15 to 18, 2022, we will have lots of events, including English-speaking authors. For the second year in a row there will be a series of previous events in various venues in the region, to celebrate the heritage of Castilla y León. All events will be in-person, respecting the security protocols. More information here.


Event 36

Andrea Marcolongo in conversation with Juan Cruz

A humanist future

Venue: IE University
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Paris-based Italian writer Andrea Marcolongo is an international phenomenon. A scholar of ancient Greece and Rome, in her latest book there is a thread that connects the epic of the warriors and navigators of ancient mythology with the venerable salon of the École Militaire in Paris. Marcolongo herself is a member of Les Écrivains de marine (Writers of the French Navy), a select club to which other illustrious figures such as Arturo Pérez-Reverte belong, and which has its headquarters in the 18th-century complex of buildings opposite the Eiffel Tower. Andrea Marcolongo (Milan, 1987), writer and journalist, holds a degree in Classical Literature from the University of Milan. She is the author of the literary phenomenon The Language of the Gods (2017), The Measure of Heroes (2019) and La lezione di Enea (2020). Her books have been translated into 28 languages.

She will be in conversation with Juan Cruz, a prominent Spanish writer and journalist, who has spent most of his professional career at the newspaper El País; he is currently attached to the presidency of Prensa Ibérica and writes in the media of this group. He has been awarded prizes such as the Azorín prize for novels and the National Prize for Cultural Journalism.

The event will be presented by the general director of the Banco Sabadell Foundation, Sonia Mulero.

After the event, the authors will sign copies of their books at the book stall at the entrance of IE University.

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Event 37

Marta Robles in conversation with Juan José Güemes

Sex and power: History and passion

Venue: IE University
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In the shadows behind official versions of Spanish history, are countless sensational episodes, replete with carnal passions, that altered the course of events or changed them completely without ever being officially documented. In her latest book, Lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos, journalist and writer Marta Robles has travelled through the history of this country in search of all the amorous and sexual adventures that marked power relationships and secret decisions that influenced the course of events.

She talks about the intricacies of love and power with Juan José Güemes, former Minister for Employment and Health of the Madrid Region, who has chaired IE Business School's Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation since 2010.

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Event 59

Julia Navarro and Santiago Posteguillo in conversation

Sharing History

Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo
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The notion that history is told by the victors is only half true. They are the first to come up with the story, but then there are the scholars and writers – of fiction and non-fiction - who work with proven facts and real people. In this session, Julia Navarro and Santiago Posteguillo, explore their ambitions to reach thousands of readers by recreating the epic biographies of some of history’s protagonists, and fictional characters who had the good fortune or misfortune to live through great historical events and as such led extraordinary lives.

Navarro is a journalist and writer. She made her literary name with La hermandad de la Sábana Santa (The Sisterhood of the Holy Shroud), which was published in 30 countries. The success of her books, which regularly hit the bestseller lists, led her to leave journalism. Her titles include novels such as Dime quién soy, Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto, Tú no matarás, and, most recently, Una historia compartida.

Posteguillo is a philologist, linguist and writer. The literary prizes he has been awarded include the Premio de la Semana de Novela Histórica de Cartagena, the Premio a las Letras de la Generalitat Valenciana in 2010, and the 2014 Premio Barcino de Novela Histórica de Barcelona. In 2018, he was awarded the Planeta Prize for his novel Yo, Julia, followed by the publication of Y Julia retó a los dioses in 2020. His latest novel, Roma soy yo, published by Ediciones B, is the first in a series that will cover the complete biography of Julius Caesar and has been described by the author himself as his most ambitious work.

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The authors will sign their books after the event.

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