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Event F9

Events taking place live 23 May–2 June 2024

Lenny Henry talks to Mic Lord

Clash of the Superkids

– Discovery Stage
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Join the award-winning and much-loved author, comedian and actor for a fun-filled event centred on his action-packed children’s books, The Boy With Wings and The Book of Legends. His latest title, Clash of the Superkids, sees the return of Tunde Wilkinson, an ordinary boy who happens also to be a winged superhero. Lenny chats to compère Mic Lord, a theatre maker, MC and recording artist, all about Tunde’s impossible mission and super powers, and reveals an extract from the book.

9+ years
Price: £7.00

Event F27

Events taking place live 23 May–2 June 2024

Robert Winston

The Story of Science

– Discovery Stage
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Join renowned scientist Robert Winston to hear about The Story of Science – a journey through human history, looking at the stories behind humanity’s greatest inventions and findings. With fascinating facts, tales of innovative inventions and daring discoveries, the professor explains how accidents have led to some of the greatest findings we’ve ever seen, from the stone hand-axe to life-changing medicine. If you’re a young inventor or science enthusiast, or simply a curious mind, constantly asking ‘how’ and ‘why’ things happen, this event is for you.

7+ years
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