Hay Festival Segovia 2023

Hay Festival Segovia 2023 will run September 14-17. There will also be some events in the run up to the festival.

Tickets are on sale now. Please write entradas@hayfestival.com if you have any doubts with tickets sales.

Event 5

A day in the Portuguese town of Varge

La Raya: Dialogues with the earth

Venue: Lugar de encuentro: Varge ( junto al café Careto)
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Varge is a cross-border village in the district of Bragança, in the Porto and Norte region, to the north of Portugal. Here, tradition and nature merge in a lasting embrace of a past that still resonates in the present. For this reason, participants in this event —now in its second edition —will share a day which is all about celebrating the importance of our villages and valuing their quest for survival. Activities will include a traditional mask-making workshop, and a gastronomic tasting session of local Transmontane food, and in particular bread baked in a communal wood-fired oven still in use today after hundreds of years. There will also be a tour of the Grande Rota dos Molinos e dos Lameiros (the Mills and Lameiros Way), which was inaugurated last year between Spain and Portugal.

The event will have the participation of the writer José Ramón Alonso de la Torre, an expert in the Raya, of which he has written three books: La frontera que nunca existió (2006), R&R, Restaurantes de la Raya (2009), and Un viaje por la Raya (2021).

The ticket does not include transportation to Varge

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