Hay Festival Segovia 2023

Hay Festival Segovia 2023 will run September 14-17. There will also be some events in the run up to the festival.

Tickets are on sale now. Please write entradas@hayfestival.com if you have any doubts with tickets sales.


Event 22

Dominica Contreras in conversation with Joaquín Barrio

The Mystery of the Aqueduct

Venue: IE University
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Some structures transcend time and borders, and have an enormous effect on the future of their surroundings. So it is with the Segovia Aqueduct, a magnificent example of the grandeur and vision of the Roman Empire in the lands it conquered. Dominica Contreras from the San Quirce de Segovia Royal Academy of History and Art, and leading expert in the dating of Segovia’s Aqueduct, is the author of the book El misterio del Acueducto de Segovia: vicisitudes y datación. She will explore this theme with the Professor of Archaeology at Madrid’s Autonóma University, Joaquín Barrio. Originally from Segovia, Barrio is a specialist in archaeological heritage conservation and restoration.

There will be a book signing after the event in the room next to the main entrance of IE University.

Event in Spanish

Price: €9.00 (EUR)

Event 40

Emilio del Río in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

Crazy about Myths

Venue: IE University. Aula Magna
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They walk among us. And they are part of our everyday lives. The gods of Mount Olympus and the heroes of classical antiquity are the protagonists of a fascinating series of myths that underpin what we call Western culture. And they never cease to amaze us. Modernising these myths and making them accessible to all is the aim of Pequeña historia de la mitología clásica by Emilio del Río, with illustrations by Julius. Del Río will talk about modernity and the relevance of myths in our lives with writer and journalist Carlos Aganzo.

Del Río is an academic, writer, communicator, and professor of Latin Language and Linguistics at Madrid’s Complutense University. His feature on RNE, Verba volant, has become a real radio success, after the success of books such as Latin lovers, Calamares a la romana or Locos por los clásicos. Aganzo is the author of some twenty books of poetry and as many travel books. Former director of Diario de Ávila and El Norte de Castilla, he is currently director of the Vocento Foundation.

Event in Spanish

Price: €9.00 (EUR)

Event 41

Lorenzo de' Medici in conversation with Irene Hernández Velasco

Power and the Shadows

Venue: Biblioteca Municipal Casa de la Lectura
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The history that shapes Italy before its unification is marked throughout by the struggles of states, kingdoms, families and many conflicting interests. The Medici are the protagonists of many of these stories, which combine acts of bravery and cowardice that go beyond the mere conquest of power. Art, as an expression of opulence and supremacy, has its own prominent role to play.

Member of one of the most emblematic and representative families of European collectors, from the Renaissance to the present day, direct heir to a history entwined with the most admired art in the world, Lorenzo de' Medici has just published the novel El Fiorentino, in which he weaves a tale around a family jewel. He will talk to journalist Irene Hernández Velasco. She worked at El Mundo, as correspondent in New York, Rome, London and Paris until 2023, when she joined El Confidencial, where she is Head of Culture.

Event in Spanish

Price: €9.00 (EUR)

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