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Screening: Parked

Kells 2015, 

A multi-award-winning first feature by Kells-based director Darragh Byrne, starring Colm Meaney as a man down on his luck who moves back to Ireland and, living in his car, befriends a young man and a music teacher. Introduced by the director, with Jacqueline Kerrin and Dominic Wright from Ripple World Pictures. Film starring Colm Meaney and Colin Morgan with Milka Ahlroth.

‘Possibly the gentlest, sweetest movie about junkies and homelessness you’re ever likely to see, Darragh Byrne’s stripped-down debut brims with charm. Packing two terrific turns and an offbeat spirit, this coming-of-middle-age comedy is an unexpected treat.’ – Total Film.

Screening: Parked