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Chris Morgan Jones and James Naughtie

Single Spies

Event 342 Venue: Starlight Stage

Chris Morgan Jones and James Naughtie

Thrilling new tales of espionage from two emerging stars of the genre. An unlikely hero dives into the chaotic madness of Russia and Georgia’s deadly covert conflict, in a rapid-fire tale of corporate espionage gone awry in Morgan Jones’ The Searcher. Will Flemyng, the hero of Naughtie’s Paris Spring, is an embassy man caught up in the évenements of April 1968. For 11 years Morgan Jones worked at the world’s largest business intelligence agency. He advised Middle Eastern governments, Russian oligarchs, New York banks, London hedge funds and African mining companies. Naughtie presented the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 for 21 years, interrogating lots of the people Morgan Jones worked for. They talk to Georgina Godwin.

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