Eric Ngalle Charles, Chantal Erraoui, Hannah Lloyd, Elena Carys and Joe Tweedle

Play: My Mouth Brought Me Here

Hay Festival 2017 , 

Deep in a forest, a hunter comes across a skull, he steps on the skull and the skull speaks saying, “My mouth brought me here”. Based on an African proverb, the piece features a power-hungry rule, a wise sage and a courageous hunter. In a world where telling the truth has become a game, no one knows the rules. This is a rare chance to hear Eric narrate his poetry in a solo production of the piece. The production is brought to life with live music and enchanting story telling. Directed by Peter Scott for 3 Crate Productions and written by Eric Ngalle Charles. Following the show, Ngalle will talk to Owen Sheers.

In association with PEN Cymru Wales