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Carlos Enrique Freyre, Enrique Planas and Álvaro Robledo in conversation with Jorge Turpo

Latest novels.

Arequipa 2018, 

Carlos Enrique Freyre, writer, scriptwriter, columnist and Peruvian army officer, immerses readers in a long story with his new book, La guerra que hicieron para mí, which tells the story of Captain Amador Ocampo, who faces a jungle governed by narcoterrorism. In 2015 Enrique Planas, named one of the 25 best-kept secrets in Latin America at the 2011 Guadalajara Book Fair, published Kimokawaii, which tells of a cultural journalist who faces a life of frustration, when he meets a young woman who shows him a world of millennials, fanatical about Japanese culture, and this transforms his life. Álvaro Robledo (Colombia) will talk about El mundo no nos necesita, a science fiction novel in which Mari Sibila tries to find everything needed to create a time machine and so stop the reproduction of our species, so damaging to the planet. They will talk to the journalist Jorge Turpo.