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Tim Smedley talks to Andy Fryers

Clearing the Air: The Beginning and the End of Air Pollution

Hay Festival 2019 , 

Globally, 18,000 people die each day from air pollution, a far greater number than those who die from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and car crashes combined. And it is getting worse. For the most part, air pollution is anonymous; an invisible killer borne from the cars in our driveways and the industrial processes used to make stuff. Around the world, more than eight out of ten people who live in cities breathe in concentrations of air pollutants that exceed international air quality guidelines. These problems can be solved. The overwhelming majority of air pollutants are local, short-lived and can be stopped at source. The benefits to health are instant and dramatic, and we can all play a part in clearing our air. Award-winning sustainability journalist Tim Smedley explains how.