Event 21

Jesús Ruiz Mantilla in conversation with Lara Siscar

Shakespeare and Cervantes: What if they had met in Valladolid?

Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia

In 1605, the kingdoms of Spain and England signed a peace treaty. Two delegations were set up to travel to each country. William Shakespeare was included in the English delegation, which could have stopped in Valladolid, where Cervantes lived at the time. What might have happened if the two geniuses of the two languages with the greatest global reach had met? What would they have talked about? How would they have liked one another? This is what Jesús Ruiz Mantilla explores in his latest book: El encuentro ¿Y si Cervantes y Shakespeare se hubieran conocido? (The Encounter: What if Cervantes and Shakespeare had met?) He talks about this with the journalist, television presenter and writer Lara Siscar.

Event in Spanish
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