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Jon Lee Anderson in conversation with Celso Garza

Querétaro 2020 , 

Jon Lee Anderson (United States) is not only one of the world’s most renowned journalists, particularly well-known in the Latin America region; not only has he written the standard biography of Che Guevara, and met and interviewed the continent’s most prominent leaders in recent decades; he has also travelled all over the region, building up unparalleled knowledge. His upcoming book Los años de la espiral. Crónicas de América Latina includes over forty reports from the region, written over the last ten years. Anderson covers the Haiti earthquake, the Colombia peace accords and records a glimpse of a remote Amazon tribe. The book also profiles and interviews figures such as Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, Nicolás Maduro, Cristina Kirchner, Manuel Noriega and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, among others. This is a major book of great scope, essential to an understanding of events during another decade of change in this marvellous and troubled part of the world. In conversation with Celso Garza.

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