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Gael García Bernal in conversation with Olivia Zerón


Querétaro 2020 , 
The actor, film director and producer, Gael García Bernal (Mexico), known for his roles in major films such as The Motorcycle Diaries, Bad Education and Amores Perros, as well as acclaimed television series such as Mozart in the Jungle and many others, will talk about his second film as director, the striking Chicuarotes. This film tells the story of El Cagalera and El Moloteco, two teenagers who live in the neighbourhood of San Gregorio Atlapulco, in Xochimilco, Mexico City. Wanting to leave behind the poverty of their lives, the friends start to commit a series of crimes, which escalate in number and seriousness. The film explores the limits of loyalty and the audacity of people permanently immersed in fear, violence and helplessness. García Bernal will talk to Olivia Zerón.