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Gloria Susana Esquivel and Myriam Bautista in conversation with Beatriz Mesa Mejía

Women rebel

Colombia Digital 2021 , 

The research and writings of the author, journalist and translator Gloria Susana Esquivel (Colombia) are closely tied to feminism, as is her podcast Womansplaining. In ¡Dinamita! Mujeres rebeldes en la Colombia del siglo XX, illustrated by Powerpaola, she tells 14 stories of 20-century Colombian women who worked in their respective fields towards equality and the recognition of women’s rights. In her book, Rebeldes: Osadas y transgresoras mujeres colombianas, the journalist Myriam Bautista offers six profiles of women who, consciously or unconsciously, departed from established norms and worked on what they wanted and in the way they wanted. In conversation with the journalist Beatriz Mesa Mejía.