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Colombia 2021

Lluís Agustí, Alejandro Katz and Margarita Valencia in conversation

Publishing Talent: Keeping the memory alive. Training publishers and booksellers

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Lluís Agustí, Alejandro Katz and Margarita Valencia in conversation

Will we return to life the way it was before the pandemic, or will we have to reinvent ourselves completely? For those who educate new generations, this question is an essential one. When it comes to training publishers and booksellers, what challenges will they face? How is it possible to prepare them for these challenges? How can knowledge of the past be kept alive while we also discover a new way of existing and interacting with others around the world? The years pass and the training of these professions is still something that needs to be tackled in Spanish-speaking countries. This event brings representatives of three prestigious academic institutions into discussion. Margarita Valencia (Educator at the Caro y Cuervo Institute, Colombia), Lluís Agustí (Director of Barcelona University’s Escola de Llibreria) and Alejandro Katz (Publishing Lecturer at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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