Bill McKibben in conversation with Fatima Ibrahim

The End of Nature

Winter Weekend 2021, 

What McKibben writes is as relevant today as it was when The End of Nature was first published in 1989. More than simply a handbook for survival or a doomsday catalogue of scientific prediction, it is a ground-breaking plea for radical and life-renewing change. The author argues that our view of nature and its role in our lives has irretrievably altered, arguing that we have to rethink this relationship. He talks about how much has changed, both for better and for worse, since he wrote the book, and what we must do now.

Bill is in conversation with Fatima Ibrahim, Co Executive Director of Green New Deal and a climate activist and social justice campaigner.

This event will be free to watch from 9am on 15 November.

Bill McKibben in conversation with Fatima Ibrahim