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Josep Maria Esquirol in conversation with Pablo Quintanilla

Arequipa 2021, 

The Catalan philosopher and professor Josep Maria Esquirol is the author of a large body of work that, among other things, explores the links between philosophy and psychiatry, and sets out a philosophical proposal that he calls filosofía de la proximidad or “nearness philosophy”. His book La resistencia íntima is a moving essay about the human condition, of great relevance for contemporary living and the “monochrome nature of a technified world”. According to Esquirol, this is countered with self-care and nearness as resistance, as a guide, light and warmth for those who are nearby, giving primacy to the everyday and home life over the virtual, technified links that take up so much of contemporary existence. His most recent book is Humano, más humano (2021), which reflects on the four essential infinitudes of human experience: life, death, you, world. He will talk to the Peruvian philosopher Pablo Quintanilla.