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Juan Carlos Celis Salinas, Alberto de Belaúnde, Ana Lucía Mosquera Rosado and Marco Sifuentes in conversation with Jorge Turpo

Nearing the bicentenary

Arequipa 2021 , 

The Peruvian journalist Marco Sifuentes (Peru), the presenter of the very popular virtual news programme, La encerrona, brought together for his book, Casi bicentenarios, a dozen Peruvian voices with the aim of offering an understanding of Peru’s place in history, taking as a basis two events that have left their mark on the country: the particular experience of Peru during the global emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the arrival of the much awaited bicentenary of the country’s independence. Three voices from the book, Juan Carlos Celis Salinas; Alberto de Belaúnde, a lawyer and Member of the Peruvian congress; Ana Lucía Mosquera Rosado, an Afro-Peruvian communicator and activist; and her publisher, Marcos Sifuentes; will talk to Jorge Turpo.