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Victoria Mas in conversation with Felipe Restrepo Pombo

The Mad Women’s Ball

Arequipa 2021, 

The French writer of Spanish origin, Victoria Mas, arrived on the literary scene with a major success: her multi-award-winning novel The Mad Women’s Ball, which is now in the process of being translated into over 20 languages. The book is set in late 19th-century Paris and explores the lives of women who are interned in the psychiatric hospital La Salpêtrière, run by the famous neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot, a precursor of Freud who was interested in the disorder that was the main focus for the incipient field of psychiatry: hysteria. Mas talks about how, for example, the middle classes went to the hospital to attend the great mid-lent ball, at which women who were normally repudiated and stigmatized gave a performance with their own bodies, to the rhythm of waltzes and polkas. The protagonists of this tragic story, Louise and Eugene, try to escape from a terrible confinement that has happened against their will. Victoria Mas will talk to the Colombian writer and journalist Felipe Restrepo Pombo.

Simultaneous translation from French to Spanish

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