Event HFC4

Mariángela Urbina

El libro secreto de las niñas

 Casa Hay (Centro de Convenciones)

We are in the future, in a world without social media, since world leaders have banned them. On her thirteenth birthday, Amelia, a solitary girl, full of doubts and who has recently lost her voice, discovers a way to create a secret social networking service for girls. There she meets girls like her, “fun girls who are on their own, bored or looking for fun”, with the help of LilaLady, the artificial intelligence that helps her to create the service, called Shhhat. Together they will learn about the world around them, and find practical activities for putting their knowledge into practice. El libro secreto de las niñas, created by the writer, blogger, journalist and influencer Mariángela Urbina and the illustrator Cecilia Ramos Valencia, invites girls, but also their mothers, fathers, teachers and carers, to explore their inner worlds and to reflect on what it means to build an identity free of stereotypes, limitations and fears.

Ages 12 to 15
Mariángela Urbina