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Daniel Kehlmann in convesation with Margarita Valencia (English version)

Cartagena 2022, 

Daniel Kehlmann is the author of 13 novels, including Measuring the World (2007), which recreates the lives of the mathematician Carl Friedrich Glauss and the famous naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, and has been translated into more than 40 languages. His most recent work, the novel Tyll, was shortlisted for the prestigious Booker Prize in 2020. Tyll is the fictionalized biography of Tyll Ulenspiegel, a character from German folklore who was born in 1600, and who is forced to flee his homeland and undertake a journey that will bring him into contact with writers, executioners, talking animals, doctors who love poetry, sages, clerics and members of the royalty, but also with the harshness of war, poverty and intolerance. Kehlmann discusses this brilliant novel with Margarita Valencia.

With the support of Goethe-Institut