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Jon Lee Anderson, Pablo Montoya and Patrick Radden Keefe in conversation with María Jimena Duzán (English version)

The degradation of war

Cartagena 2022, 

When a war takes place, the effects of it remain visible for generations; trauma is inherited and it is important to review social and cultural constructions in order to fight against the multiple violences that result from conflict. Three authors who have studied and written about armed conflicts talk about the profound consequences they have for people’s lives. With the journalist Jon Lee Anderson (USA), specialized in Latin America and war conflicts of the XXI century, author of the collection of chronicles on Latin America Los años de la espiral(2020); Pablo Montoya (Colombia), author of the novel La sombra de Orión; and Patrick Radden Keefe (United States), an expert on the armed conflict in Northern Ireland, about which he published the book Say Nothing. In conversation with María Jimena Duzán.

With the support of ICTJ - Centro Internacional para la Justicia Transicional and Fundación Gabo.