Event 5

Reyes Monforte in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

Venue: La Casa de las Conchas, Biblioteca Pública de Salamanca

Casa de las Conchas s one of the most iconic architectural elements in Salamanca. Late Gothic with the first signs of Plateresque, the style in which this land expressed its first Renaissance. In this singular place, the novelist Reyes Monforte, author of books such us La violinista roja, Postales del Este or La memoria de la lavanda, talks with the writer and journalist Carlos Aganzo on the value of art and literature as an alternative to a decomposing world in this Spanish and European cultural capital. They speak of the return to Nature as the only way to return to the Earth everything that the Earth has given to man... and mankind denies. Words for reconstruction. Stories for a new world. Lyrics for a rebirth that are accompanied by a reading by María Antonia Eliott, ambassador of the United Kingdom in Spain, and the Salamancan, Castilian and Leonese poets: Mónica Velasco, Asunción Escribano and Fermín Herrero, on the essential reconciliation of human beings with their environment.

Presented by Ramona Domínguez.

Event in Spanish.

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