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Pablo Duarte, Juan Tallón, Silvia Sesé and Jacobo Zanella in conversation with Felipe Rosete

Author, editor: a return journey

Querétaro 2022, 
Publishing has never been so easy: there are growing numbers of companies that will print books for a price. This means that the role of editor as filter and intermediary is removed, and also that authors have direct access to publication, although it also means that these books are hard to bring to the attention of readers. Publishing has never been so hard: there are ever more authors, more manuscripts and less awareness of the role of EDITOR with capital letters. The writers Juan Tallón and Pablo Duarte will talk to their respective editors, Silvia Sesé (Anagrama; Barcelona, Spain) and Jacobo Zanella (Gris Tormenta; Queretaro, Mexico), with Felipe Rosete as moderator.