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Marco Sifuentes in conversation with Jeremías Gamboa

Perú Bizarro

Arequipa 2022, 

The writer and journalist Marco Sifuentes presents his fourth book, Peru Bizarro (2022), which compiles 79 episodes and anecdotes from Peruvian history; with acerbic humour the book questions everything that is taught in history classes. Behind the country’s official history, with its conservative, centrist, white, Catholic and heteronormative biases, there is a diverse, complex Peru, characterized by being abandoned by the state, and the invisibilization or even destruction of ancestral, Afro-descendent and dissident ways of being. The book reconstructs the territory’s memory in a way that goes beyond the capital and its incomplete story of what it means to be Peruvian. In conversation with the writer Jeremías Gamboa.