Event 52

Vince Cable talks to Rosie Boycott (EXTRA EVENT)

How to be a Politician: 2000 Years of Good (and bad) Advice

Venue: St Mary’s Church

The former Liberal Democrat leader curates the ultimate book of political advice, conjuring the warp, weft, ebbs, flows, highs and lows of a political life, in the words of those who said it best.

His book follows the arc of a life in politics – from childhood signs of potential to running for office, getting elected and forming a government; climbing the greasy pole to the pinnacle of leadership and a place on the world’s stage; dealing with mistakes, detractors, criticism, humiliation and failure; and finally escaping the political life altogether.

The wittiest, wisest and most acerbic political quotations from the last two thousand years are interspersed, making this an entertaining education in the dark art of politics.

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Vince Cable talks to Rosie Boycott (EXTRA EVENT)