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Jazmín Romero, Maira Alejandra Jayariyu and Nohora Alejandra Quiguantar in conversation with Ricardo Chica

Energy for a better world

Cartagena 2023, 

The people of this planet use energy. In recent decades, the exponential increase in the population and the consumption of fossil fuels have caused irreversible damage, and we must change our ways. It is a matter of the greatest urgency to undertake global climate action through the reduction of emissions, to make great efforts to adapt, and to channel appropriate funding flows. This needs to happen as part of an integrated framework of sustainable development that will tackle poverty, hunger and unemployment, and improve the empowerment of young, Afro-descendent, indigenous and LGTBIQ+ people, as well as local communities and women; this is a transition that needs to have the planet at its heart. Our guests will talk to Ricardo Chica about this important challenge for humanity. With Jazmín Romero (Colombia), legal representative of the Wayuu Feminist Movement; Maira Alejandra Jayariyu (Colombia), communicator for Fuerza Wayuu; and Nohora Alejandra Quiguantar (Colombia), representative of the Pasto indigenous village of the Muellamués community.