Oded Galor in conversation with José Manuel Acevedo

Humanity’s journey

Cartagena 2023, 

Why did humans live in stasis throughout most of their existence? What lit the touchpaper of the enormous transformation of our lifestyles just a few hundred years ago? And why has this progress resulted in a vast inequality gap in our world? Asking these questions, the economist and thinker Oded Galor (United States/Israel) reveals, in his influential book, The Journey of Humanity, the keys to understanding two of the great mysteries in the evolution of humanity: progress and inequality. Galor is a Professor at Brown University (United States) and has researched, in depth, processes of change and their impacts, linking them to the economy and social organization. In conversation with José Manuel Acevedo.

Simultaneous interpreting from English to Spanish available

Oded Galor will participate remotely